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Immortals LCS Week 3 Review and Week 4 Preview

Reviewing Immortals' Week 3 and previewing Week 4 LCS Spring Split 2020

What a rollercoaster weekend for Immortals. For Week 3 of the LCS Spring Split, they defeated 100 Thieves and Counter Logic Gaming. IMT’s record moves up to 4-2, tied for second. The wins were drastically different, which shows IMT’s flexibility in draft and resilience in the late game. Next week, they face Team Liquid and Evil Geniuses, both inconsistent 2-4 teams tied for seventh.

Reviewing Week 3

100 Thieves: 2-2, 4th place (tied)

Immortals had a pretty clean game against 100 Thieves on Sunday. 100 Thieves only secured six kills and two dragons – no turrets in the entire 36-minute game. Immortals completely locked down the top side of the map, while 100 Thieves took the first Cloud Drake. Xmithie’s Rek’Sai and Eika’s Syndra helped set back Ssumday’s Gangplank by ganking and roaming in topside river several times pre-10 minutes. Cody Sun was caught out bot for a kill on Altec’s Aphelios, which transitioned into an overcommitment diving Ryoma mid and Xmithie dying. Meanwhile, sOAZ’s Cho’Gath gained a 40 CS lead by 12 minutes. 

IMT dropped the first Rift Herald to destroy first turret bot and rotated to take Ocean Drake. The whole team forced to top lane and secured the second Rift Herald, which they immediately dropped to destroy two turrets top and a charge on the inhibitor turret. 100 Thieves tried to pick the right moments to engage with Immortals while Ssumday caught up in farming side lanes. However, the tankiness of the Cho’Gath and the combined burst with Eika’s Syndra and Altec’s Aphelios won them every fight, secured Baron and Infernal soul. This game was another example of how the Senna pick (Cody Sun) felt relatively powerless.

Player of the Match: Xmithie

Immortals’ early game and objective control completely revolved around Xmithie. He stayed top side to secure two kills on Ssumday and one on Meteos, which solidified sOAZ’s lead. The Rift Herald drops gave Immortals a huge early lead and opened up the map, forcing 100 Thieves to play around vision against Rek’Sai’s Tremor Sense and several forms of hard engage. Drafting so Cody Sun picked Senna and Ssumday picked Gangplank was a great plan for dictating the early game.

Counter Logic Gaming: 0-4, 10th place

Immortals’ match versus CLG was a mess. The first 8 minutes were fairly quiet. The junglers tracked each other, with CLG eventually snagging the first Cloud Drake. Stixxay and Smoothie 2-v-2 killed Hakuho in bottom lane. Xmithie and sOAZ went for a half-baked gank onto Ruin, which resulted in CLG securing Rift Herald. Crown, Wiggily and Smoothie caught out Eika in bottom lane, but Smoothie died to Altec. Crown overstayed and almost died to Eika, while Stixxay died to Altec’s Xayah and sOAZ’s Ornn mid. 

Immortals traded their bottom and mid turrets, as well as Ocean Drake, for the second Rift Herald and top turret. They dropped Herald mid, knocking it down, which equalized the turret count and evened out the gold difference. CLG caught out sOAZ and Eika, while IMT took out Crown, then caught out Wiggily and took Ocean Drake to tie the Dragon count at two. A well-placed Bullet Time from Stixxay’s Miss Fortune chunked out IMT enough to move towards Baron, but IMT contested and traded one for one.

CLG continued to win fights with Ruin’s Aatrox flanks and damage from Stixxay’s Miss Fortune. They secured a third dragon and IMT completely ceded the Baron. Immortals continued to focus on mid lane priority, as CLG sieged and set up for Ocean Drake Soul. CLG secured it, but then they started doing a Baron dance. CLG would start Baron. IMT would contest. CLG would engage. IMT would disengage. They did this three times before Altec forced mid lane, Eika Teleported, and the rest of Immortals stopped the recalls while they destroyed the Nexus. 

Player of the Match: Altec

Immortals announced that sOAZ made the game-ending call to force mid and Teleport Eika into CLG’s base. However, Altec’s 5-0-2 Xayah got picks, stayed safe, never died, and got close to full build. He is the one constantly rushing to push mid when CLG went for objectives. Altec had the highest gold in the game, despite CLG having a 3,000+ gold lead in for the final 7 minutes.

Previewing Week 4

Team Liquid: 2-4, 7th place (tied)

Immortals plays Team Liquid in Week 4 of LCS Spring Split 2020
(Photo by Colin Young-Wolff/Riot Games)

On paper, Immortals should have a good time against Team Liquid. They are in opposite parts of the standings, and Team Liquid’s losses have been rough. For Week 4, TL should start Broxah over Shernfire in the jungle. However, it is unclear whether the superior individual player will help them, or the loss of whatever synergy they have built with Shernfire will hurt them. Regardless, this could be a great moment for Immortals to secure a win in the first round robin that they may not get later.

Player to Watch: Xmithie

The Xmithie versus Team Liquid matchup is a fun storyline. So far, Xmithie beat TL in the off-season by joining Immortals. A win here would solidify that for at least a few more weeks. Broxah has not had a chance to really practice with the team much, so hopefully Xmithie is fully able to punish them. Golden Guardians’ Closer made some big plays in their win over Team Liquid last week. Let’s see if Xmithie can do the same.

Prediction – #IMTWIN – Too much is in favor of Immortals for this one. The Senna pick for Doublelift. The jungler swap this week. Xmithie’s early pathing. Their win over Team Liquid should look like their win over 100 Thieves. Jensen completely taking over the game by crushing Eika in lane could be a problem. 

Evil Geniuses: 2-4, 7th place (tied)

Immortals plays Evil Geniuses in Week 4 of LCS Spring Split 2020
(Photo by Colin Young-Wolff/Riot Games)

Evil Geniuses are in the same boat as Team Liquid – tied for seventh. However, fans are not expecting as big of a turnaround from EG. They have wins over 100 Thieves and FlyQuest, but EG lost to CLG and Golden Guardians. Kumo has been hot or cold. Every member has had some questionable decisions later in the game. Immortals feel much more coordinated coming into Week 4, and sometimes reel in losing games in the later stages. EG has a stronger average early game, but they have not quite been able to translate it into wins yet.

Player to Watch: Altec

Altec and Hakuho have not had the best laning phase, but Altec has consistently scaled and played great past 15 minutes. With the inconsistencies that EG has been exhibiting, Altec has another chance to step up and carry. Playing versus a World champion who has been on the decline, while being a North American player grinding back up to the top, this could be a statement game from Altec.


Prediction – #IMTWIN – Honestly, this game is probably going to be chaotic, like the IMT-CLG match. Expect EG to take an early lead, make a few good plays, and then somehow end up losing once IMT scales. Kumo, Svenskeren, or Jiizuke will see an opening and go for it, only for IMT to punish and end. Playing around Baron, in particular, will be interesting to watch from these two. At the end of the day, IMT’s teamfighting and objective control should reign supreme. Week 4 just might be a 2-0 for IMT. 



Images from LoL Esports Flickr

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