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How Patch 11.5 Should Affect the LPL

Patch 11.5 is upon us, but it won’t be in effect in pro play for another couple of weeks. Today’s article will discuss how these changes may affect each role when it does arrive in professional play. While this article will be based on numbers and statistics, a lot of this is still speculation, so please keep that in mind. Without further ado, here is how Patch 11.5 should affect the LPL.

Top Lane

How Patch 11.5 Should Affect the LPL

Image Courtesy of Riot Games

The top lane has few significant changes this patch. The Gragas nerf was fairly small, and shouldn’t be enough to knock him off as a solid top lane pick.

However, the Jax buff was much more interesting. While not the most contested pick in the current meta, Jax is a favorite amongst the LPL top laners. With the current meta top laners consistently getting hit, Jax may see more play in the LPL.


How Patch 11.5 Should Affect the LPL
Image Courtesy of Riot Games

Once again, the jungle is probably the role with the most significant changes this patch. Udyr is getting a nerf, but it’s not the heftiest and he should be fine. Sejuani got a buff, but she isn’t in the best state right now. If the meta does change towards more tank picks, then Miss Piggy should see some playtime.

However, the most important change is to Trundle. He is getting consistently buffed and is a favorite among the LPL junglers. Should we change to a full-on tank meta, then Trundle’s value increases exponentially.

Mid Lane

How Patch 11.5 Should Affect the LPL
Image Courtesy of Riot Games

The mid-lane has some small changes but nothing meta-shifting. Azir is getting some nerfs to his damage, and while it will be felt, he should survive just fine. Zoe remains untouched, and so she will most likely remain mostly banned. Orianna, Twisted Fate, and Viktor should remain as other popular picks.

Seraphine also saw some changes, and she is a mid laner that is rising in popularity. While the nerfs may not be the biggest, she never became super popular, so she may leave the meta before properly joining. Lastly, Qiyana got buffed. While not the best in the current meta, she is a popular pick amongst the LPL mid laners.

Bot Lane Carries

How Patch 11.5 Should Affect the LPL
Image Courtesy of Riot Games

There were only two changes to bot lane carries this patch. Most importantly Kog’Maw got buffed. With a possible hyper-carry meta on the horizon, the mouth of the abyss is as hyper-carry as they come. With enchanters getting buffed as well, Kog’Maw is poised to make a resurgence.

Samira also got some follow-up changes. While these are nice and she still might hang around, the loss of the dash towards the allies will be felt by many of the pros, who may not want to pick her up anymore.


How Patch 11.5 Should Affect the LPL
Image Courtesy of Riot Games

Last but not least, we have the support changes. Rell is getting hit, and considering how much playtime she gets, it was going to happen. She has so much engage in her kit that it was obvious the LPL would love her.

However, another big change is to Karma. While she isn’t the most popular pick and might end up in the mid lane, she can now return to being a lane bully that can provide an AOE shield. It is very possible that Karma will return to Summoner’s Rift.

Meta Prediction

Top Side

Top lane will now be defined by Gnar. The only top lane champion that was popular from Week 1 that didn’t get nerfed, the lane will rotate around Gnar. He will either be an answer pick as a lane bully to harass Renekton or Aatrox, or he will get counter-picked by Jayce, Irelia, or Lucian.

Udyr will probably remain as the number one jungler, with Lilia and Hecarim trotting behind him. However, Trundle should start showing up, especially in the hands of Karsa, Meteor and Beishang.

Lastly, the mid-lane will remain mostly the same. Zoe will continue to be more banned than picked and Orianna will be the safest mid laner. Azir, Twisted Fate, and Viktor should also remain around the mid lane, but are a tier under the others.

Bot Side

Tristana should now be the new overlord of the bot lane. Pairing well with a multitude of supports, Tristana provides excellent scaling, with good all-in potential and safety. While Kai’Sa is still seeing play, the players haven’t started playing on 11.4 yet, so her drop in power didn’t happen yet. Xayah, Aphelios, and Kalista are also good picks, but a tier below the other two.

With Rell being hit, Alistar will remain as the strongest engage heavy support. While Thresh should rise in priority, Rakan is another one to keep an eye on. While being able to build like an enchanter support, Rakan still offers excellent engage. He is already seeing more play in 11.3, so expect this to continue for the next couple of patches.


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