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Gwen Revealed as League of Legends Latest Champion

Gwen League of Legends

The new top lane ap bruiser for League of Legends, Gwen, The Hallowed Seamstress has finally been revealed after some leaks and many believing she would be joining soon. The Ruined King’s wife Isolde won’t be joining but instead, her doll, Gwen. She is obviously from the Shadow Isles and might play a major part in the story of the Ruined King. It will be interesting to see if she is in the first League of Legends RPG, “Ruined King: A League of Legends Story“.

Many people will be wondering who exactly Gwen is and what she does. Here is a look at everything that is currently known about Gwen for League of Legends. This includes Gwen’s abilities, release date, skins and her lore which is definitely worth giving a quick read.



Gwen’s Abilities
Gwen’s Release Date
Gwen’s Skins

Gwen Official Gameplay Trailer

Gwen Bio

A former doll transformed and brought to life by magic, Gwen wields the very tools that once created her. She carries the weight of her maker’s love with every step, taking nothing for granted. At her command is the Hallowed Mist, an ancient and protective magic that has blessed Gwen’s scissors, needles, and sewing thread. So much is new to her, but Gwen remains joyfully determined to fight for the good that survives in a broken world.

Having been given a unique chance at life, Gwen chooses to be an indomitable, positive force against all odds. She journeys across Runeterra, determined to restore joy to those who are hurt and suffering. To Gwen, each moment is precious, and each step driven with purpose.

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[…] last champion, who just released recently was Gwen (The Hallowed Seamstress). She is champion number 155 which is the current amount of champions in the game. Riot has revealed […]


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