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Gothic Skins will be the Next Thematic Skin Line

Gothic Skins

At the beginning of 2022, Riot Games and the League of Legends team revealed that fans would be able to vote on a new thematic skin line. This was the second time that the skin team had done this where they gave the power to the fans. Unlike last year, these were skin lines that they wanted to take a second look at. The three options were live on the client for a couple of weeks and the winner of the overall vote ended up being, Gothic Skins.


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Globally the results were not very close as can be seen in the picture below. But unlike last year, Gothic won in a landslide in every region according to the developer update.


When looking on Twitter and Reddit, it seemed as though Gothic was a clear favorite. There are a lot of Infernal and Arclight skins and while they have great thematic, many felt like it was time for Gothic to make a comeback. There have not been new Gothic skins, officially, in many years. with the decision to go Gothic it will be very interesting to see which champions will fit the theme.

Considering this skin line is getting looked at again. Annie and Amumu will likely have their skins changed up a bit as a result of Gothic being picked.

For fans of the other skins, it wouldn’t be surprising to see them get new skins at some point this year or next. The skins team likely won’t let all of their ideas go to waste. instead of it being a big event, Infernal and Arclight will probably get some off-patch update.

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