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Meta Changes and how it could affect Golden Guardians

The recent patch 10.4 and the corresponding meta changes may benefit Golden Guardians going into the end of the season. Some of the changes include the nerf of 0 CS toplaners such as Soraka and Sona as well as bami cinder buffs. The new meta may favor the kind of compositions that GG likes to play.

New Changes

Starting with the bami cinder buffs, this may bring more tanks back into play. Champions like Zac, Sejuani, and Jarvan IV all benefit from this change. These champions are great for engage and are just the kind of playmakers that Closer has looked good on. Golden Guardians have had success following up on decisive engages as a team so far this season. Although Closer’s Lee Sin also has looked strong, it’s a champion that can struggle to be impactful in the lategame. These strong tanks may help push him onto champions that will be a strong frontline with engage in the late game.

Although Aphelios saw a few nerfs, it does not seem to be enough to push him out of the meta. He has been probably the strongest champion for FBI this split and allows him to be a game-changer. Additionally, with tank junglers potentially coming back into the meta, fans may see more classic front to back teamfights. Since Aphelios is an immobile carry, this kind of fight is where he can excel. Given enough time, and with the right weapons like infernum, he can rip a team to shreds.

The Top Lane

The Soraka and Sona nerfs meant to affect the top lane should be beneficial for GG. Hauntzer has historically wanted to play carries but has had good Ornn and Aatrox performances this split. With these supports being meta, they did not fit his playstyle and didn’t seem to fit into what the team wanted to do. Now, bans shouldn’t have to be spent on removing them and Hauntzer wont have to worry about playing into a strong pick like they were previously. Although Ornn was nerfed, his passive and long-range ultimate will always be impactful in the late game. Additionally, the bami cinder buffs could bring more tanks into play in the toplane. Beware though – Sett will be looking to take one of those meatballs to pound town.

 (Photo by Colin Young-Wolff/Riot Games)

What Golden Guardians Needs

With the end of the season coming, and the race for playoffs tighter than ever, GG must make use of what they have already found to be successful. Outside of the game against Cloud 9, their best bet is to play a standard teamfighting comp allowing Goldenglue and FBI to carry. The meta changes based off of the latest patch changes may be beneficial in two ways. First, it will help force them into a playstyle that fits their current identity and away from experimenting with new picks. Second, it would be a buff to what they were already good with. Other teams like Dignitas and Immortals have shown off weird picks like Lucian and Karma top. Maybe playing off-meta things is what works for them. However, Golden Guardians have already shown what their best playstyle is, and 10.4 should make that style even stronger.


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