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LCS Week 8 Spotlight: Victor ‘FBI’ Huang of Golden Guardians

FBI earns himself a spot in this week's LCS Spotlight

With the LCS Summer Split winding down, Golden Guardians have loads of pressure on their shoulders. The top three teams in the league have already locked up their playoff spots, so where does that leave GGS? After a 2-0 weekend in Week 8, GGS now sit at 8-8 with one week left. The stakes are higher than ever and their newly-signed ADC – Victor ‘FBI‘ Huang – has stepped up to the plate, putting him in the spotlight.

The Golden Rule: Get FBI Fed

In recent weeks, GGS have made adjustments to get them in shape for Summer Playoffs. The most sizable change was one to their roster, as they traded Matthew ‘Deftly‘ Chen to Cloud9. Deftly had done wonders for GGS during his tenure, however the front office felt that FBI had the better upside.

FBI stood out during Week 8 of the LCS, putting him in the spotlight
Image Courtesy of LoL Esports Flickr.

Now, FBI has gotten acquainted with his teammates and is beginning to surge. His incredible scoreline of 13/1/9 in Week 8 only emphasizes this fact, as he and his teammates secured a very important pair of wins. It seems that FBI and his support – Jae-hyun ‘Huhi‘ Choi – have a greater sense of communication, positioning and overall feel for each other in-game. This doesn’t mean that said qualities were absent with Deftly on the roster, however they’ve become more noticeable with FBI in his place.

Golden Guardians had a substantial task in front of them heading into Week 8, considering their opponents – 100 Thieves and OpTic Gaming – were in similar positions. At 6-8, GGS were on the brink of the playoff ‘bubble’ that separated the top from the rest of the pack. 100 Thieves were in the same boat among the standings, whereas OpTic held a two game advantage on both teams. No matter how it was perceived, Week 8 would prove to be crucial to each team’s hopes of making the Summer Playoffs. In the end, Golden Guardians prevailed by the hands of their stud Bot Laner.

Laying Down the Law

For FBI, it wasn’t a matter of if he’ll break ground in the LCS, but a matter of when. The star ADC from the OPL had built up an impressive resume before being signed to GGS’s academy roster this year. In his short time with the team, he’s already blossomed into a perpetual game-changer. As of now, FBI hols a 3.75 K/D/A in an increasingly competitive league, that consists of many capable Bottom Laners. This statistic’s value has fallen since his time in the OPL, however his confidence and talent seem to be rising instead.

FBI showcases his talents in LCS Week 8, putting him in the spotlight
Image Courtesy of LoL Esports Flickr.

Reliability has been a big question for Golden Guardians in the Bottom Lane this season, but FBI gives them plenty of stability. In addition to his overall game knowledge, FBI has a keen eye for play-making. Whether it’s rotating to help a teammate, orchestrating a 2v2 or singling out an enemy, he gets the job done with ease. This stems from a clear desire to dominate in all aspects of the game: one that separates him from his peers.

Despite recent shakiness, FBI has completely flipped the script for this Golden Guardians team. Instead of playing reactive and passive like before, his presence alone gives the team a better understanding of what to do and when to do it. This allows for more coordination across the board and makes it easier for FBI to play his game. In addition, Huhi can feel more confident when making plays for his duo partner.

It’s Nothing but Up From Here

Now that FBI is starting to come into form, Golden Guardians have a growing task in front of them heading into Week 9. They’ll likely be battling for their playoff spot, so a lot rides on their upcoming performance. FBI will be facing his toughest test yet: turning a mediocre team into a playoff contender. However difficult that may be, he has momentum on his side, along with a newfound synergy with Huhi.

As FBI continually gets his grasp of the league, don’t be shocked if he becomes one of the top Bottom Laners in North America soon.


Featured Image Courtesy of LoL Esports Flickr.

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