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Keys to Victory for Golden Guardians

With the first matches of the 2020 Spring playoffs just days away, teams are busy writing their gameplans. For Golden Guardians, they get the blessing of watching a best of five played by their opponent. But just like in the fairy tales, it comes with a curse – lose a series, and they’re out. With only one life, their is little room for experimentation. That being said, a best of five is much different then a regular-season match. Each series develops its own mini meta as certain champions are banned and prioritized. Here’s a look at two big players for Golden Guardians and discuss their keys to victory.


Victor “FBI” Huang has had a very impressive split. Among ADCs who played the whole split, he is first in damage share, second in DPM, third [email protected] and third in deaths per game. He has excelled on good teamfight carries such as Varus and Aphelios. With 12 games in total on those champions alone, he has shown that he can consistently dish out some serious damage. Now that Golden Guardians are in playoffs, this key to previous victories may be targeted in the draft. While it may be unfair to call him a two-trick, six of the nine GG victories came while he was on those champions. If these picks are targeted in draft, he will be forced to perform on something new.

The victories on Varus and Aphelios may be an indicator that the team plays better when FBI is on a champion with more agency. Whether its finding picks with the chain of corruption or obliterating the enemy backline with an infernum ultimate, FBI is able to have much more of an impact compared to when he is on a champion like Ezreal. While it may be an objectively safer pick, the change in playstyle may be more detrimental to GG then beneficial. Champions like Ashe would give him similar abilities to find picks, while Kaisa or Xayah would give him similar carry potential. Overall, being able to play around FBI will be a key for Golden Guardians if they want to win.

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA – JANUARY 26: — during 2020 LCS Spring Split at the LCS Arena on January 26, 2020 in Los Angeles, California, USA.. (Photo by Colin Young-Wolff/Riot Games)


The 2020 LCS Spring split was like a tale of two halves for Greyson. After his first few Zoe performances left something to be desired, he came back with a vengeance to obliterate FlyQuest and Dignitas. Highlights include one-shotting PowerofEvil and Johnsun at key fights from three screens away – just Zoe things. His Leblanc has also looked strong throughout the split, and he plays meta champions like Syndra to boot. Overall, his performances have not seemed to be champion based. When he has an off game, it seems more like there’s a gap in communication or something because he will get repeatedly caught out while isolated. Then, Goldenglue turns around and has a good game on the same champion a day later (see Zoe vs TSM then Zoe vs TL). Whether it’s miscommunication with teammates or mental lapses, the isolated deaths that have plagued Golden Guardians will make winning a best of five very difficult.


The best thing Golden Guardians can do is work together. They might not be the top player at their roles, what they do have is good synergy. The worst losses have looked like a nightmare from solo queue. Alternatively, the best wins have looked like one hive mind working together. In order to win, they don’t need perfection. Instead, they need to minimize isolated deaths and play around their keys to victory. If FBI and Goldenglue are set up for success, anything can happen.

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