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Huhi: The Return

Huhi’s career has taken him from Challenger to MSI Finals and everywhere in between. Choi Jae-hyun has played for three different LCS teams, most recently Golden Guardians. After role swapping from mid to support, he is being subbed in for Keith with a playoff berth on the line. Though Aurelion Sol should not be seen anytime soon, Huhi’s fabled macro plays should be a boost for GG. With the standings so close together, his ability to plug one of the major gaps could be just the fix that GG needs to make playoffs.

CLG and the peak

The 2016 Spring Split saw Huhi take over the starting mid lane position from Pobelter. A strong season saw them hand powerhouse Immortals their only loss. Going into playoffs, they defeated Team Liquid and TSM to earn a trip to the Mid Season invitational. In a strong group stage performance, they finished 7-3 including taking games off of RNG and SKT. Matching up in the quarter-finals against Flash Wolves, the historically strong team from, Huhi and CLG were able to win 3-1 and advance to the finals. Although they lost 3-0 to SKT, it was one of the best North American performances at an international event.

Counter Logic Gaming vs Immortals in the 2016 3rd Place Match of the North American League of Legends Championship Series .

With a 4th place finish in the Summer Split, CLG was able to qualify for the 2016 World Championship hosted in North America. Enter Huhi’s most iconic play: the roam on Aurelion Sol. Historically Huhi’s pocket pick, Aurelion Sol had very strong wave clear at level 1 with his empowered stars. Huhi shoved the wave, getting an early level 2 and immediately soaring bottom for a first blood at two minutes. Although CLG did not make it out of groups, the 2016 season helped show off Huhi’s prowess on the rift. Although he may not be the best mechanical player in the world, he has a great sense of the map and macro.

After a strong start on CLG, the team started to go downhill. The 2017 had playoff appearances, but the team missed worlds. Then in 2018, they missed playoffs in both splits. With the team swapping out players towards the end of the season, it was evident that change was coming.

100T and the bust

When it was announced that Huhi was rejoining old CLG teammate Aphromoo on 100 Thieves, fans had high hopes for the team. It was hoped that their macro skill, combined with superstars Bang and Ssumday, would allow for a shot at an LCS title. Unfortunately, the season started off slow, and the team just didn’t seem to click. Huhi was having individual struggles in his own lane, which was mirrored in the bottom side as well. The team made drastic changes to try and resolve communication issues. Rookies and veterans came and went, but nothing could fix the team. While Huhi did not have the best performances, he was not the sole reason for the issues. in May, he left 100 Thieves and announced that he was open to role swapping as well as playing in academy. Not long after, he got a job playing support for GGS Academy.

Golden Guardians and the Future

Paired up with OCE ADC FBI, Huhi began learning the tricks of the trade-in academy. As the LCS team saw struggles in the Summer split, he was quickly given a chance to prove himself in his new role on the big stage. While the new bottom lane did not set the world on fire, there was definitely signs of life. Once again, Huhi seemed to have some individual struggles in lane, preventing him from showing off his macro abilities. During the 2019 offseason, the surprise announcement was made that Keith would start at support over Huhi. However, he took it in stride and now the time has come for him to show up.

In the past few weeks, when Golden Guardians have struggled it has been when they are not on the same page. Several games have dissolved into a solo queue nightmare of individual players having isolated deaths time and time again. Keith was showing signs of improvement and was not the sole reason for losses. However, with a playoff spot just out of reach, GG is looking for every edge possible. They are banking on improved late-game playmaking to help push them over the edge. Coach Inero praised Huhi’s ability to communicate and make decisions for the team, and expressed his confidence in him taking the spot.

The Difference Maker

When GG is on the same page and working as a unit, they look very strong. With the proper draft, they can set themselves up for success. Unfortunately, some games this season have resulted in them shooting themselves in the foot. Already, Huhi has shown strong vision control and had some good plays on Sett (after the 25-minute mark). If he continues to help stabilize the team and coordinate the moving parts, it could be just the push that GG needs to sneak into the playoffs.

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