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Golden Guardians vs CLG: LCS Recap

The Golden Guardians looked to solidify first place for themselves in a match against Counter Logic Gaming. However, CLG aimed to take victory for a 6-way tie for first place at the top of the standings.


GGS v CLG Draft
GGS vs CLG Full Draft

The Golden Guardians began their draft by banning out Yuumi like most other teams. In addition, they pressured the Top and Mid Lane by eliminating some flex picks in Sylas. The Golden Guardians aimed to control the map with lots of CC by drafting Irelia, Sejuani, Neeko, and Nautilus. GGS also went with a more aggressive bot lane by drafting Draven for Matthew “Deftly” Chen.

Early Game


Despite CLG starting off the game with first blood, Juan “Contractz” Arturo Garcia quickly turned things around in the midlane by catching out Raymond “Wiggily” Griffin. After a 1-1 fight in the bot lane, the Golden Guardians looked to snowball their lead by taking Infernal Drake and catching out Kim “Ruin” Hyeong-min in the midlane. The Golden Guardians and CLG continued trading kills across the rift. After kill trading in the top lane, GGS took a team fight in the river. CLG came out swinging finding an early kill onto Kim “Olleh” Joo-sung. However, GGS traded kills again with Deftly killing Wiggly, quickly evening up the score.

By 15 minutes, GGS would be in a gold deficit. However, both Kevin “Hauntzer” Yarnell and Henrik “Froggen” Hansen had a relatively large CS advantage over their lane opponents.

Late Game

Just seconds after 15 minutes, GGS took a team fight in the top lane jungle where they found kills onto Wiggly and Vincent “Biofrost” Wang only losing Olleh along the way. GGS began to expand their lead with two kills in the Bot Lane. The Golden Guardians managed to take 3 towers and an inhibitor nearly finishing the match. However, CLG completely turned things around finding kills onto Olleh and Hauntzer. CLG utilized their man advantage by taking Baron buff.  While taking the objective, CLG found another kill onto Contractz evening up the kill score and nearly taking the gold advantage.

CLG utilized their Baron buff and quick turn around to take their second Drake at 29 minutes. After taking Cloud Drake, GGS took a fight in the Mid Lane in an attempt to take control of the match. However, CLG nearly aced GGS and quickly moved into the CLG base. CLG finally solidified victory at 31 minutes.

Final Thoughts

Despite the loss, the Golden Guardians still looked incredibly proactive in the mid game. In addition, the Golden Guardians still looked willing to fight despite their gold disadvantage. Their pro-activity and fighting spirit are clear positives for GGS. Golden Guardian fans should continue to be extremely excited for the rest of the split. Lastly, GGS continues to have solid strategies for the early game and continue to impress.

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