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Get Limited Time Emote in New Volibear ARAM Event

After revealing the rework for Volibear during a livestream event, Riot announced a new limited-time event. When playing an ARAM, players will see a giant Volibear come into the middle of the map. He is only there for a short time and does not really do much other than make the map shake when he arrives. Then after a period of time he disappears. Once the game is over, win or lose the player may receive a brand new Volibear emote. It seems as though it is not happening for everyone on their first attempt. Players may have to play a few ARAMs to receive it. This event only runs for about three or four days so make sure to play it as soon as possible. Below is a picture of the emote.

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Courtesy of Riot Games

During this stream, they revealed what his abilities looked like and what they look they do. Although, the names and exact specifications of the abilities are still unknown. The most interesting one is that his ultimate can stun and stop towers from attacking. They also revealed all of his reworked skins. Volibear is the last of the two champions that Riot Games are planning on reworking this year. Now they will focus their attention back on new champions with one likely coming in the next few months.

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