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General Sniper, 15 Year Old Rank 1 Player, Joins 100 Thieves Next

100T GeneralSnipers

The most exciting Amateur signing of all time just happened. 100 Thieves signed Rayan “General Sniper” Shoura, a 15 year old rank 1 challenger player.

For those unaware of General Sniper, he has quite an exciting story. He is the brother of V1per, a former LCS player. His other brother is challenger as well. So in the Shoura family, there are 3 challenger players. He also was briefing signed by Cloud9, but due to his age, C9 had to drop him. General Sniper has been streaming for a while now after blowing up thanks to Tyler1. Tyler1 played with him during Twitch Rivals and talked about how talented he was. Fans went over to support the young star afterwards.

Targeted by Numerous Teams:

Multiple people in the know have called General Snipers, a 15 year old, one of the biggest targets of the LCS Offseason. This was even to the point where numerous teams were considering making an Amateur team just to field him. Ironically, the team with two great Top Laners in the LCS are who got him. Keep in mind though, to play in the LCS, the player must be 17. This gives General Sniper 2 years to develop more.

Amateur has been getting much more competitive over the last year. With the new Proving Grounds format, Academy and Amateur teams have been going head to head. An Amateur team even won Proving Grounds in the Spring. Furthermore, the top LCS teams all have Amateur teams, with the exception of TL. 100T, C9, EG and TSM have all invested into it this year. This level of increased competition and money going into the scene has done nothing, but help.

Time will tell how great General Sniper is on 100 Thieves Next, but he is looking to be one of, if not, the greatest NA prospect of all time.

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