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Gen.G World’s Jersey

Gen.G has been in partnership with Puma for a while. They have release merchandise in collaboration that sold out. This is the next step in which many esport companies are vying towards with T1 and Nike as well as Faze and the Anti-Social Social Club. This year the Gen.G League of Legend team’s World jersey will feature art from the designer Heron Preston. This gives the jerseys a unique twist from what the fans are used to when it comes to Gen.G. 

Courtesy of Gen.G

The organization hinted at the collaboration with a tweet on their Korean Gen.G twitter, which NA fans might not follow as closely as the Gen.G English twitter.

This hinted not only at the collaboration between Gen.G and Puma, but also with the tagged artist of Heron Preston. This side of the Gen.G Twitter has been cataloging the League of Legends’ team’s journey to Worlds.

It was the English Gen.G Twitter account that revealed the to the fans what the jerseys for Worlds was going to look like. In this announcement it show cased the players and jerseys. 

The new jerseys represent the new era that Gen.G wants to bring into the League of League world. The team has a strong work mentality and will try and make all those who worked on the limited edition jerseys proud. Follow Gen.G’s twitter account to find out how you could get your own exclusive Gen.G Worlds edition jersey!

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