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Galatasaray Esports Winter Split Ban

Galatasaray Esports Winter Split Ban

The Turkish Championship League has banned Galatasaray Esports from participating in the 2020 winter split. Riot Games has issued this ban after they found that the organization failed to pay salaries to their staff and players during the summer split. The Galatasaray Esports winter split ban means that only nine teams will compete in the TCL.

Galatasaray Esports

Galatasaray Esports Winter Split Ban
Image Courtesy of Galatasaray Esports

Galatasaray Esports is a Turkish League of Legends team that is in association with the Galatasaray football club. The football club has history dating back to 1905, and the League division was formed in 2016. Failing to pay the summer split salaries is the organization’s first known instance of violating Riot Games’ rules. If Galatasaray Esports continues to withhold payment, it will be unlikely for them to remain a member of the TCL.

Twitter Announcement

While the team and their players can’t compete in the 2020 winter split, Riot Games will re-evaluate Galatasaray Esports’ eligibility to participate in the 2020 summer split. Riot Games is providing them with extra time to pay their staff salaries, but they have yet to do so. With only nine teams competing in the TCL winter split, the schedules will need reorganization. The following is a translation of the tweet, “Galatasaray Esports’ right to participate in the league has been suspended in the 2020 Winter Season. League 2020 will be played with nine teams in the winter season.”

Effect on TCL Winter Split

Having only nine teams instead of the standard 10 teams in a professional split will have an effect on how the split plays out. It will be interesting to see how the TCL handles this situation. Some teams may need to receive byes in lieu of playing against Galatasary Esports, or the bracket will need new organization. Whatever decision Riot Games decides on should have priority on keeping the League fair for each team. This is an unfortunate situation that will hopefully resolve with the players receiving their payment, and Galatasaray Esports learning from their mistake.

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