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G2 Win Ninth LEC Title with Historic 12-0 Lower Bracket Run

G2 won the 2022 LEC Spring Finals.

The LEC crowned their 2022 Spring Season Champions, with G2 securing a convincing 3-0 victory over Rogue in the Finals. This title makes G2’s ninth in seven and a half years, but their first since Summer 2020. Not only did they dominate the Finals, but G2 also won 3-0 over every opponent in the lower bracket run.

The Run

G2's 2022 LEC Spring Playoffs lower bracket title run.

G2’s 2022 LEC Spring Playoffs lower bracket title run.

G2 started their Spring Playoffs run as fourth seed, losing 3-1 to second seed Fnatic and dropping to the lower bracket. From there, they defeated sixth seed Vitality, then third seed Misfits, then rematched Fnatic for the chance to face Rogue in the Finals. G2 took them all down 3-0, followed by the 3-0 over Rogue in the Finals itself.

The 12-0 undefeated streak in the lower bracket is the first of it’s kind in the LEC. Fnatic made the lower bracket run in Summer 2021 to reach Finals, including one additional best-of-five. However, three of those series were contested 3-2 victories. Schalke 04’s “miracle run” happened in Summer 2020, where they rose from a 0-7 tenth place start to an 8-10 sixth place finish in the regular season. From there, they completed one 3-0 in playoffs, but petered out from there.

In the LCS, TSM had a historic lower bracket run in 2020 Summer Playoffs. Just like G2, they fell to the lower bracket after losing their first series. From there, TSM won five straight best-of-fives to win the title. Only the first won series was 3-0.

G2’s Dynasty

G2 has a long successful history in the LEC and abroad.
G2 has a long successful history in the LEC and abroad.

This title puts nine total trophies in their case, continuing G2’s legacy of winning in Europe. Since promoting into the EU LCS, G2 has won 2016 Spring and Summer, 2017 Spring and Summer, 2019 Spring and Summer, 2020 Spring and Summer, and now 2022 Spring. They have secured titles with 15 different players, none of which have been on the team for every split. Tank Ekko top, Heimerdinger bot, Ardent Censer, Sona-Taric bot, mages bot, jungle funnel, Caps mid-Perkz bot, Perkz mid-Caps bot–this team has found ways to adapt and win over so many years.

Beyond domestic success, G2 has also finished first once at MSI, second once at MSI, third-fourth at Worlds twice and second at Worlds once. They are the most impressive western organization, and the global League of Legends community will be happy to see them back at the 2022 Mid Season Invitational.

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