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G2 Take Sole Ownership of LEC’s Top Position

G2 Take Sole Ownership of LEC's Top Position

G2 Esports go 2-0 in a crucial week to take sole ownership of LEC’s top position ahead of the final week of the Spring Season.

Their First Match of the Week a Was First Place Decider

G2’s first match of the week was the first-place decider against Rogue. The two teams have been sharing the top position since Week 4 when the first meeting between them ended in G2’s favor.

G2 Take Sole Ownership of LEC's Top Position

G2 Caps – Image Courtesy of G2

Their second meeting had a similar draft phase, reflecting their respective identities which have been established throughout the season. G2’s draft was more skirmish heavy and aggressive, as they looked to gain early advantages to take control of the game. Rogue’s team composition was more suitable for building leads through a well-executed laning phase, which would allow them to win the game through controlled strategic maneuvers.

In the end, it was G2 who executed their gameplan more effectively. Rasmus “Caps” Winther’s performance on Lucian was particularly impressive. He single-handedly secured the first blood against Rogue’s star mid laner Emil “Larssen” Larsson. Caps’ dominance on the mid lane helped his team build a comfortable lead which paved the way for G2’s victory.

The win not only secured G2’s top position but also gave them the head-to-head advantage against their closest competitors. This means that even if Rogue were to find another tie with G2’s Spring Split record, they would still be behind them due to losing both of the head-to-head matches.

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Misfits Were on Their Season-Best Form

G2’s second game of the week was against Misfits on their season-best form with three consecutive victories and now undisputed league leaders wouldn’t be denied just a day after defeating their closest rival.

G2 Take Sole Ownership of LEC's Top Position
G2 Rekkles – Image Courtesy of ONE Esports

The earlier phase of the game was relatively even with G2 gaining some small advantages. A breaking point was reached at 16 minutes when the two teams opted into a five versus five team fight for the control of the Rift Herald. G2 won the fight by killing two of the Misfits players which allowed them to secure a 3k gold lead in the followup.

Things went from bad to worse for Misfits after giving away the gold lead. G2 continued to exert their control over the game which helped them secure yet another victory after 35 minutes of gameplay.

Only one week remains in the LEC’s regular Spring Season. While many teams are still locked in a race for playoffs, G2 are sitting comfortably at the top of the league with Rogue right behind them. Unless the European giants lose at least two games in the final super week, their place is secured as the first seed heading into the playoffs.

The final week of the LEC’s Spring Split will kick off on Friday, March 12, with three days of super week action. You can check G2’s schedule and the rest of the matchups in the final week by following this link.


Featured Image Courtesy of LEC

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