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G2 Stomp Fnatic to Setup First Place Showdown Against Rogue

G2 Stomp Fnatic to Setup First Place Showdown Against Rogue Next Week

G2 Esports and Fnatic faced off for the second time to settle their scores for the Spring regular season.

After losing to a Fnatic come back in the first matchup, G2 left no room for surprises. Their victory was very thorough, finishing the game in 26 minutes without giving away a single neutral objective.

Both Teams Had Aggressive Drafts

Both teams had aggressive drafts, especially on the side lanes. Bot lanes were Jhin and Rell on the side of G2 and Kalista paired up with Alistar for Fnatic.

G2 Stomp Fnatic to Setup First Place Showdown Against Rogue Next Week

G2 Jankos – Image Courtesy of Riot Games

Yone, a particularly aggressive lane champion, was the surprise pick of the draft phase at the hands of Gabriël “Bwipo” Rau on the top lane. He was up against Martin “Wunder” Hansen’s Gragas, a champion he would have the one-on-one advantage over.

G2’s jungle pick was Olaf, a very strong early game jungler despite losing its late-game power due to the Goredrinker nerfs in the recent patches. Fnatic’s jungle champion was Lilia, another strong jungle pick in the current meta.

G2 rounded out their composition with Syndra, a control mage that would be able to provide back up in Olaf’s engages. Fnatic’s choice for their mid laner was Azir, Yasin “Nisqy” Dincer’s most played champion this season (3).

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G2 Had a Fast Start to The Game

G2 had a fast start to the game, securing two kills before five minutes. The first blood came after Marcin “Jankos” Jankowski capitalized on Bwipo’s early aggression on the top

lane, punishing him when he pushed too far in the lane.

The veteran jungler was the beneficiary of the second kill as well, securing his team’s second kill on Zdravets “Hylissang” Galabov after a short skirmish in the river near mid lane.

Fnatic found their first kill of the game through their bot lane, killing Mihael “Mikyx” Mehle halfway through the seventh minute.

Things Went From Bad to Worse for Fnatic

G2 Stomp Fnatic to Setup First Place Showdown Against Rogue Next Week
G2 Wunder – Image Courtesy of Riot Games

Things went from bad to worse for Fnatic when they had a failed attempt at killing Wunder’s Gragas under the bot lane outer tower. The failed dive attempt resulted in a double kill for Gragas as both of the Fnatic bot laners perished.

G2 had secured two dragons and a rift herald by the 12th minute. They also had an almost 2k gold lead, most of it through the gold difference between the top laners.

Another key moment of the game was when the two teams clashed for the control of the third dragon at 17 minutes. G2 comfortably won the team fight, trading 4 kills to 2, thanks to a great Rell ultimate by Mikyx. G2’s gold lead was sitting at about 3.5k at the end of the exchange.

G2 Secured the Win After Dragon Soul and Baron

G2 secured both the dragon soul and Baron buff by the 25th minute and they secured the victory two minutes later in comfortable fashion.

G2’s victory against Fnatic set up a showdown between them and Rogue for the first position in the league next week. While G2 will be the favorites heading into the game, it promises to be a hard-fought tie between the two best teams in Europe.

You can check the full schedule along with the full list of week 7 matchups by clicking here.

Featured Image Courtesy of LEC

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