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G2 Esports 2020 Summer Split Schedule

G2 LEC 2020 Summer Schedule

The League of Legends European Championship is back for the summer split. Last time it ended with three teams taking the top spot, each reigning as the best contenders for first place, Origen, Fnatic, and G2 Esports. But G2 never let the top spot slip from their hands, even if they lost to other teams here and there. With Worlds 2020 in tow and MSI cancelled, this split will matter more than ever before. The LEC has the opportunity to send four teams and G2 will have a big part in who the other three teams will be.

Following is the list of times G2 is reported to play as of June 11th, 2020.

2020 LEC Summer Split Schedule – G2 Esports

Week 1

MAD vs G2 – June 12 – 12pm EST
G2 vs OG – June 13 – 3pm EST
VIT vs G2 – June 14 – 2pm EST

Week 2

G2 vs S04 – June 19 – 2pm EST
G2 vs RGE – June 20 – 2pm EST

Week 3

G2 vs SK – June 26 – 2pm EST
G2 vs FNC – June 27 – 3pm EST

Week 4

MSF vs G2 – July 3 – 4pm EST
G2 vs XL – July 4 – 3pm EST

– Break –
Week 5

G2 vs MAD – July 17 – 4pm EST
G2 vs OG – July 18 – 3pm EST

Week 6

G2 vs S04 – July 24 – 2pm EST
G2 vs RGE – July 25 – 1pm EST

Week 7

VIT vs G2 – July 31 – 3pm EST
G2 vs FNC – August 1 – 3pm EST

Week 8

MSF vs G2 – August 7 – 4pm EST
G2 vs SK – August 8 – 2pm EST
G2 vs XL – August 9 – 3pm EST

– Break –

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