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G2 Dismantle Astralis in 47 Kill Game

G2 Dismantle Astralis 47 Kill Game

G2 faced off against heavy underdogs Astralis in their opening game of the second week of LEC.

The skirmish-heavy game finished in favor of G2 in just under 35 minutes with a total number of 47 kills.

Both Teams Picked Very Scrappy Team Compositions

The first indicator that the game could be very scrappy was the team compositions picked by the two teams. Astralis locked in a heavy area of effect damage team fight composition featuring Gnar, Lilia, Orianna, Samira and Alistar. G2 drafted a composition capable of making picks, taking fights or chasing stragglers with Gragas, Olaf, Ekko Senna and Leona.

It is also worth mentioning that this was the first game of the new LEC season where Kai’Sa was neither picked nor banned. On the other hand, Pantheon, Taliyah and Olaf continued their hundred percent pick and ban rates.

The First Kill of the Game Went to Astralis

The first kill of the game went to Astralis with Matti “WhiteKnight” Sormunen’s Gnar drawing the first blood on Martin “Wunder” Hansen’s Gragas with the help of Nikolay “Zanzarah” Akatov’s Lilia.

G2 Dismantle Astralis 47 Kill Game

G2 Wunder – Image Courtesy of LoL Esports Flickr

The first quarter of the game continued without any further kills as both teams focussed on their map movements. G2 secured the first dragon of the game after taking control of the bottom side of the map. Astralis responded with grouping as a five men unit at the Rift Herald shortly after, securing it for themselves.


The first team fight of the game took place nearly 10 minutes into the game in Astralis’ bottom side jungle. Two four men units from the teams clashed without their top laners with G2 trading two for one kills to win the team fight.

G2 Secured a More Comfortable Lead After the First Five Versus Five

G2 secured a more comfortable lead in the game after the two teams had their first five versus five on the mid lane. The fight ended heavily in favor of G2, allowing them to secure the second dragon as well.

The game devolved into a series of bloodthirsty skirmishes after that point. By 20 minutes, G2 had a nearly 5k gold lead and three dragons. The constant skirmishes, most of them engaged by G2 resulted in 22 total kills.

G2 Secured Ocean Soul at 23 Minutes

If Astralis still had any hope of coming back into the game, their hopes were exceptionally diminished after G2 secured a very fast Ocean Soul at 23 minutes.

G2 Dismantle Astralis 47 Kill Game
G2 Jankos- Image Courtesy of LoL Esports Flickr

Even stealing away the Baron buff thanks to a sloppy setup by G2 did not do much to help Astralis get any closer to winning the game.

G2 eventually closed out the game at 33 minutes, shortly after securing the Elder Dragon, getting an ace and cleaning out the Astralis base. The 47 kill game has become the bloodiest game of the current LEC season.

G2 are currently sharing the top position in the standings with, the only other undefeated team in the league, Rogue.


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