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G2 2022 LEC Spring Split Preview

G2 2022 LEC

The 2022 LEC Spring Split is about to begin. Unlike the LCS or LPL, there is no preseason tournament like the Demacia Cup or Lock-In Tournament. The format, similar to last year, is a round-robin with the Top 6 teams moving onto the Spring Split playoffs. The LEC kicks off on January 14. Before it all begins, here is a G2 2022 LEC preview.

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2022 Summer Review

G2 are coming off a weird year. Going into 2021, it seemed like G2 built an unstoppable super team with the addition of Rekkles. The year started off solid with G2 placing first in the Spring Split standings. Unfortunately, they dropped out of the Playoffs early with an upset loss to Rogue. Summer Split was all about if they could be consistent. Once again, G2 got respectable results in the Spring Split standings getting second place. Come playoff time, G2 lost to MAD and FNC to lose a spot at Worlds. Frankly, not making Worlds for G2 is a failure and changes needed to happen.

G2 2022 LEC Spring Split Roster

Top- Broken Blade

Jng- Jankos

Mid- Caps

Bot- Flakked

Sup- Targamas / Mikyx

Coach- Dylan Falco


Before getting into the roster changes, G2 made a lot of changes in their coaching staff. Head Coach Grabbz and Head Analyst Duffman were let go. In addition, Head Data Scientist Noodlez and General Manager Taco Storm were also let go. So after this purge of staff, G2 had to make some big hires. They started off signing Romain as their new General Manager and Raf as a Team Manager. G2 continued this by signing both Dylan Falco and Rodrigo as their new Head Coach and Head Analyst respectively. Nelson also is continuing to stay with G2 as they didn’t get a good trade offer for him. All in all, G2 made a change to almost every position. These coaches have all had success in the past and it’s going to be exciting to see how they do on G2.


While coaches are great, there needs to be a solid team backing them for success. In G2’s case, there is. The first part to talk about with G2 is who left. Rekkles, Wunder and Mikyx were all put up for trade. Mikyx is still with the team, Wunder is now on Fnatic and Rekkles is playing for Karmine Corp in the LFL. So G2 had to replace their Top, ADC and possibly Support. Mikyx, as of now, doesn’t seem to actively be part of the team, but is still on contract.

Jankos G2 2022 LEC

Courtesy of Riot Games

The biggest addition to the team was Broken Blade who many may remember from his time on TSM and Schalke 04. Broken Blade was by far the best player on Schalke last year. Despite being on the tenth place team, Broken Blade had stats including a GD10 of 76, XPD10 of 9 and 1.5 CSD10. This isn’t even mentioning his incredibly high KP or DPM. Broken Blade is a statical anomaly. Now on G2, with the support of great players, he should excel even more.

Jankos is still Jankos. He is gonna miss Nidalee spears, but he is far from a bad player. Jankos definitely had a down year in 2021, along with the rest of G2. He was about fifth in most stats. One bad year doesn’t mean a player is washed and Jankos seems like he will come back with a vengeance. The same could be said for Caps. Don’t count him out despite some shaky performances last year.

In terms of the bot lane, this is where things get interesting. G2 decided to grab Targamas from Karmine Corp and Flakked from MAD Lions Madrid. Yes, the same Flakked that was in the Mad Lions World’s controversy. G2 essentially grabbed some of the best players from the ERLs. Flakked is a disgustingly good hard carry style ADC. Targamas helped carry Karmine Corp to title after title in the LFL. The question isn’t whether these two players are good, it’s whether they are going to be able to compete at the LEC level. And while some rookies fail, it seems like these two players are more than capable. Flakked and Targamas should be really interesting to watch.

G2 2022 LEC Schedule

*Will be added once announced

Predicted Spring Placement: 4th

Potential Range for the Team: 5th-2nd

G2 had made a lot of changes to the team and have some rookies. Due to such, their Spring Split performance may not be as strong as some other teams. While G2 certainly have potential, it feels like it may take a bit longer to manifest. Vitality and Fnatic definitely feel like better teams on paper with Rogue, MAD and Excel all being close. G2 should definitely make playoffs and depending their matchup could win a BO5. Winning it all, at least in the Spring, feels like a bit of a stretch.

That being said, if Broken Blade goes feral, Caps and Jankos return to glory and the Bot Lane isn’t a detriment, G2 could reach great heights and provide some entertaining series.

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