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Four potential LPL teams for Zoom to join

According to leaks by Doinb, LNG’s mid laner, the top laner Zoom is looking to join a new team in the summer. Zoom spent most of his career at the highest level at JDG, but this spring he decided to join Top Esports. However, after underperforming, he became a substitute for the young rookie Wayward. Now, he wants to join a new squad and hopefully regain his form. Here are four potential teams for Zoom LPL to join this summer.

Anyone’s Legend

potential teams for Zoom

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After finishing with the exact same score they finished 2021 with, maybe it is time for the Pandas to change. While their bot lane tends to perform well, many have questions regarding their solo laners. Bringing in Zoom would help solve one of those problems, as Zoom has much more experience and is an all round better player than Zdz.

The problem here could end up being a financial one. Of the four teams in today’s article, Anyone’s Legend is the one that could probably offer less, contract-wise. Unless they have a plan that seriously entices Zoom, Anyone’s Legend might be a long shot for the top laner.



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LGD is a team that tends to underspend in spring and overspend in summer. So in regards to the amount of money, LGD probably have the most wiggle room. And while top lane wasn’t their biggest issue in spring, they know that with their current top laners, they probably aren’t making it to the top of the standings, let alone Worlds.

However, the money they have could end up being an issue as well. They could come to the conclusion that there are better choices to spend their money on. They could pick up Zoom for X amount, or they could spend more and get a top laner in better form. It all comes down to who LGD want for their summer roster.


Team World Elite

potential teams for Zoom
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Another team that is making moves for the summer is WE. After picking up Smlz,  Team WE could look to make more moves. And while Zoom underperformed in spring, Biubiu fumbled his split even more.

There seem to be no issues in this signing. Zoom would be a solid upgrade to Biubiu, and would team up well with LPL veterans Xiye and Smlz. This would allow for both Beishang and Kedaya to grow into their roles, lead by some of the most well-known names in the LPL. The only thing that is required for this move to happen is for WE to want Zoom to join their team.


Ultra Prime

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The final team of today’s article is Ultra Prime. UP struggled in spring due to their predictability. In the end, it all came down to Elk. If he performed and carried, Ultra Prime won. But if he was shut down, Ultra Prime had almost no chance in winning. Adding Zoom to the mix would allow Ultra Prime to play through their top lane, something they can’t do with Zs on the roster.

Much like in WE’s case, all that is required for this move to happen is for UP to show interest. After looking competitive for a while in spring, surely Ultra Prime have aspirations of making it into playoffs. And this change could be a step in the right direction.

Whether or not he joins another squad is still entirely up to the LPL teams. Top Esports is likely to let him go, and clearly, he wants to join another team and continue playing. So it’s only a matter of which teams are actively looking for a top laner, and would be interested in recruiting Zoom LPL.


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