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3 Keys to Victory for Flyquest vs Cloud9

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The LCS Playoffs continue on with Cloud9 taking on Flyquest in a rematch of the 2020 Spring LCS Finals. Both teams have intentions of not only making it as an LCS Worlds representative but also have their sights on an LCS Championship. During the regular season, Cloud9 went 13-5 while Flyquest followed close behind with a 12-6 record. Who will come out on top?

Flyquest have been waiting for this opportunity for quite some time. After struggling to close out the series against Evil Geniuses and winning in five games, Flyquest have shown they have some kinks in the armor. They want to prove to everyone that they are not only deserving of heading to Worlds but also fighting for their first LCS Championship. Here are three keys to victory for Flyquest in their matchup against Cloud9.

1. Stay True to the Flyquest Style

Starting off with this may seem like it encompasses everything they need to do. While it doesn’t, it is still extremely important. When things start to breakdown, teams forget what got them to this point. Whether it is playoffs, Worlds or a Championship series, teams will freak out and try to be something they’re not. Flyquest need to stay true to themselves.

This means that they need to absorb the pressure of Cloud9 and play to their strengths of late-game team fighting. This is who they are and it has lead them to back to back impressive Splits. While some call this style boring or predictable, it does not matter when a team has the talent that Flyquest do.

They will want to let PowerOfEvil and Wildturtle have their time to farm and level up. If they get kills due to some designed plays then that is great. If they have a team that just sits back and scales while keeping things even then that is even better. No matter what, Flyquest have to stay calm even if they are down 0-2 and play the way they know best.

2. Try to Give Solo Lane Priority

Solo has been for Flyquest ever since being given the starting role during the Spring. He helped to give them a strong weakside presence that can not only hold his own but can heavily influence the game. This might mean that he becomes their counter-pick priority for the series.

In this case, having Solo play tankier champions such as Sett, Ornn, Mordekaiser and Shen will be great. Not only do all of them have playmaking abilities but, they also can counter many different options Licorice might pull out. BrokenBlade showed that freezing against Licorice is possible and can be an effective way of keeping him relatively useless.

With counter-pick and a wide champion pool, Solo gives Flyquest a nice option to base their counter-pick around. If he can keep Licorice from being useful while still making plays during the mid and late game, Solo could have a major impact on this series.

3. Don’t Let Blaber Control the Series

Blaber has proven that he is a top tier jungler. Luckily for Flyquest, Santorin has been as well. Some would argue that lately, Santorin has been better than Blaber. This is good news when it comes to keeping Blaber contained.

Santorin was outstanding during the EG series and he has been for most of the split. This is because he is able to take a lot of pressure off the team through consistency and seemingly always being in the right place. Also, he is able to flex into seemingly whatever champion or roll the team needs.

When it comes to Blaber he likes to make plays and be aggressive. Santorin is able to match that but still stay within his own style. This is why his play will be so important in this series. If he is unsuccessful in playing his style and allows for Blaber to take control of the map, then Flyquest could quickly see themselves down in the lower brakcet.

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