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Five Prop Bets You Should Look At For Week 5 Day 1 of the LCS

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There’s something magical about gambling on prop bets. Something that is meant to keep one invested into a game also provides a lot of information regarding a team’s approach, what they value or what trends exist. And sometimes, players can make a little money off of it.

Here are five lines that are worth taking a look at:

Team Dignitas to Secure First Blood (+110), Team Dignitas to Secure First Dragon (+115)

Something that hasn’t been touched on too much regarding the recent success of TSM — their 5-1 record on blue side compared to their 3-3 record on red side. Given that TSM will have side selection for this match, it is safe to assume TSM will be on the blue side of the rift — which has primarily been associated with herald control and securing first turrets. TSM has managed to pull off the impressive feat of having a 100% first turret rate (-150) and herald control rate this split on blue side. However, it has come at the cost of securing zero first dragons this split on the blue side of the rift.

On the other side of the table, Team Dignitas has primarily relied on their mid-to-late game success to carry them to victory. Their recent attempts to get the ball rolling early hasn’t necessarily translated in wins but has shown progress for what could be considered a developmental roster. Their 33% first dragon rate and 17% first blood rate don’t seem impressive however compared to the 0% and 17% of TSM, it becomes a lot more palatable. Especially with TSM being tied with Golden Guardians for the worst first blood percentage in the LCS, it doesn’t hurt to take a look at Dignitas’ potential to win these prop bets.


100 Thieves versus Evil Geniuses Kill Total Over 25.5 (-125)

Evil Geniuses is second in the league when it comes to combined kills per minute however their matches continue to feel the most volatile. Averaging 29.299 combined kills per match, it is a decent cushion compared to Vegas’ set line. 100 Thieves also enjoy a fist fight. Averaging 28.424 combined kills per match, they also average the longest average game time in the LCS at 37.4 minutes.

The decision to swap out mid-laners for 100 Thieves has shifted other prop bets — with Vegas electing to avoid giving out plus odds for any prop bet for this respective match — but the logic (and overall enjoyment) that comes with rooting for the over still stands.

FlyQuest to Destroy First Tower (+150)

FlyQuest has side selection this week and — fingers crossed — they will not choose their 1-7 red-side but their 3-1 blue side. If so, we’ll probably see them take first turret. Their 75% first turret secure rate is complimented by their 88% herald control rate on blue side. Meanwhile, Cloud9 has yet to secure a first turret on the red side of the rift and only have a 22% herald control rate.

If they don’t pick blue side, they may just surprise people by securing first dragon (+125) and potentially securing first blood (+120). Their 88% first blood rate on red side along with their 63% first dragon rate on red side trumps Cloud9. Plus, with FlyQuest approaching the game with early game set-pieces prior to minions spawning, you could even make an argument for FlyQuest to draw first blood no matter the side selection.

Golden Guardians to Secure First Dragon  (+160) 

Vegas has not liked Golden Guardians for sometime and continues to be against giving them any shot at doing something in the game of League of Legends. However, Team Liquid’s shakiness continues to leave some breathing room when it comes to early game prop bets.

Team Liquid has preferred the blue side this spring split, where they hold a 4-3 record. Unfortunately for Golden Guardians fans, Team Liquid has been impressive when it comes to their early game control — averaging a 2360 gold lead at 15 minutes, 100% first turret rate, 86% herald control rate and a 61% dragon control rate on blue side. Team Liquid has also managed to have the second highest first dragon rate on blue side at 57% — which is incredibly impressive given the success of red side first dragon rates in the LCS.

But Golden Guardians is matching them with their red side first dragon rate.

We’ve also seen a more comfortable Golden Guardians enter the fray — with the individual skill coming out more from their key members. And while Ethan “Iconic” Wilkinson has come under fire from the community for his lack of involvement — averaging the lowest kill participation rate among junglers in North America at 59.8%, his approach to early game pathing is still incredibly sound.

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