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Firelight Ekko Skin Flies into PBE Right on Time

Firelight Ekko Skin

Just when the lanes needed a hero, the Firelights sprung into action. Firelight Ekko is the latest skin to represent the character from the Netflix show “Arcane”. Ekko leads a team of vigilantes that aim to disrupt Silco’s business of distributing Shimmer to the denizens of Zaun. Striking from the shadows and creating chaos to prevent shipments of Shimmer, the Firelights have provided a lone bright spot in the Lanes. Players can grab the Firelight Ekko skin after a short stint in PBE.

The Firelight Ekko skin features the time-traveling assassin in his iconic outfit from Arcane. Ekko beats his down with his trusty pipe-blade-thing, and sports a grittier color palette than his original model. His recall animation features his Firelight mask, that he uses in Arcane to hide is identity from potential threats. The recall animation also showcases his hoverboard – an item that is truly unique to the Firelight squad. Heading back with the highly coveted Hex-Crystal, this Firelight Ekko skin is a fantastic callback to his appearance in Arcane.

It is interesting to see this Arcane skin join the fray much later than the other characters in the show. Though it makes sense from a studio perspective. Ekko’s role in the show is masked through the majority of acts 2 and 3, and ultimately his reveal is a large part of the third act. The slow release of the Arcane skin for Ekko is potentially intentional as to not spoil any surprises for viewers who haven’t had the chance to catch up.  Players can grab the Firelight Ekko skin soon on PBE.

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