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Fiddlesticks: A History in Professional League of Legends

Fiddlesticks, the harbinger of doom, was released February 21, 2009 and has been voted to be reworked in 2020. The mid-ranged mage has gone through different phases in his decade long stint in the game. He was released as a pseudo jungle and mid lane hybrid, before roles had really been established in the game, and transitioned his way into the support role.

Fiddle was in dire need of this rework, his kit only suited for surprising the enemy from fog-of-war and going all in on team fights and in lane. This play style is also what made him so good in Season 8 Summer Split. With the meta opening up, and a buff mid-Season, the scarecrow could be paired with a push heavy AD carry or another mage to create a kill heavy lane. This split saw 75 percent of Fiddlesticks picks in competitive play.

Fiddlesticks League of Legends

Pick and Ban

Fiddlesticks has been picked 212 times and banned 190 with a presence rate of 2.7 percent all time. In Season 8 Summer he had a presence rate of 13.4 percent. He has been picked most often in the Chinese league, the LPL, at 55 games picked in total at a 42 percent win rate. The scarecrow has been picked 24 times in North America, 22 times in Europe and Russian leagues and 20 times in Turkey. Within those regions he has the highest win rate in Russia, at 68 percent, and America, at 54 percent.

Fiddle has played most of his games in the support role, 197 to be exact. He has been picked in the jungle six times and seen the mid lane eight. He has been picked as the bottom laner once.


The scarecrow has an all-time win rate of 45.3 percent. His average KDA is 2.4 and his average damage per minute is 271. Fiddlesticks players take flash 100 percent of the time. They normally pair it with ignite, with an 85.4 percent average use rate.

Fiddlesticks is strong against Thresh, Soraka, Braum, Shen and Morgana, having an at least 53 percent win rate over all of them. His highest win rate is against Thresh and Soraka, both at 57 percent. He is weak into Rakan, Pyke, Lulu, Tahm Kench and Alistar, having an at most 47 percent win rate over all of them. His lowest win rate is against Rakan at 25 percent.

Fiddlesticks League of Legends

Best Fiddle Players

The best Fiddlesticks players, who have played him at least five games, are Vyacheslav “Archie2b” Egorov, Zuo “LvMao” Ming-Hao, Aleksandr “SaNTaS” Lifashin and Liu “Killua” Dan-Yang. Archie2b and SaNTaS are from the Russian league, while LvMao and Killua are from the LPL.

LvMao has the highest pick rate for the champion, nabbing the scarecrow 10 times in professional play. SaNTaS has the highest average KDA on the champion at 4.3. The player with the highest win rate on Fiddlesticks is Archie2b at 85.7 percent.

Statistically the best Fiddlesticks player is Archie2b. He has the highest win rate and the second highest KDA (3.8), and number of games played at seven. Hopefully the rework can give this scarecrow a more direct purpose and revive the hype in competitive play.

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