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Faker Replaced? – T1 vs KT


Fans were shocked when T1 announced that Sang-hyeok “Faker” Lee would not play in T1 versus KT.

Instead, Ju-hyeon “Clozer” Lee was announced as Faker’s replacement. T1 vs KT marked seventeen year old Clozer’s debut in the League of Legends competitive scene.

Game 1

T1 Clozer
Courtesy of Invenglobal

Clozer chooses the Zoe pick for Game 1.

The game starts off badly for T1. T1 retreats towards their bot lane tower while KT closes in. KT kills three of T1, and when it looks like it will be four, Clozer flashes in.

He picks up two kill effortlessly, dashing all across the bot lane. Clozer finishes the fight off, diving KT’s Ashe under turret for the triple kill. This marks a great start to Clozer’s career.

At this point, everyone starts to pay close attention to Clozer.

Who is this player who may replace Faker’s legacy on T1?

Finishing the game off 5-0, Clozer earns Player of the Game, proving his worth on T1.

Game 2

The second game Clozer picks Akali, a pick that Faker often plays himself. But this fact did not stop Clozer from playing aggressively throughout the game.

Early on, Clozer roams the jungle alone, only to be picked off by KT. The new player is great, but not quite the best, yet. Replacing Faker is no easy task.

Clozer cleans up his plays later. Arriving at opportune moments, Clozer demonstrates his champion mastery as he engages and disengages effectively, managing to survive with a sliver of health.

Jin-seong “Teddy” Park steals Baron from under KT’s nose, and Clozer finishes off straggling KT team members. Doing so pushes T1’s momentum forward, leading to a 2-0 victory.

Clozer finishes Game 2 at 7-2, but Teddy takes the Player of the Game this match.

Information on Clozer

T1 Closer
Courtesy of Leaguepedia

Clozer trained under T1 alongside Canna. He is T1 born and bred, having no experiences with other teams.

He just recently celebrated his seventeenth birthday on July 27th.

Linked here is his, showing his main champions and stats. In interviews, he states that he mains Irelia, and wants to show the world.

He stated that during the T1 vs KT games, he displayed about 50% of his solo queue playing. In other words, he has much more to offer.

Hopes for Clozer are high, so keep watch as Clozer paves his legacy on T1.


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