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Explaining how the LPL Seeding for Worlds will work

With the LPL Summer Split over halfway done, fans already have their minds set on Worlds. While no teams are confirmed yet, it feels like a matter of time before some teams officially book their ticket to Worlds. This year, there were a few changes regarding the seeding for the event. Today’s article will discuss those changes and explain why these changes came to pass.

The LPL will have four seeds instead of three

Explaining how the LPL seeding for Worlds will work
Image Courtesy of Leaguepedia

The first major change is that now the LPL will have four representatives at Worlds, instead of the usual three. This is due to the LMS and Southeast Asian regions becoming one in the PCS. Formerly the LMS had three seeds and SEA had one. The PCS will have two seeds at worlds, so there were two spots remaining. One spot was given to the LPL, while the LEC took the second spot.

How the seeding works

Explaining how the LPL seeding for Worlds will work
Image Courtesy of Riot Games

The first seed will be the winner of Summer Split. The second seed will be the team that scored the most amount of championship points during the year. In spring, first place received 60 points, second 40, third 30, fourth 20 and fifth/sixth gave you 10 points. In Summer, second-place grants you 90 points, third 70, fourth 40, fifth 20 and sixth 10.

The team that scores the most points, excluding the summer champion, will be the second seed. The remaining four teams with the most championship points will face off in the Regional Finals.

Regional Finals and what it means for seeding

Image Courtesy of @kenzi131 on Twitter

The two final seeds will be decided at the Regional Finals. The four teams with the most championship points, that haven’t yet qualified to worlds, will face off to decide their fate. The two teams with the most points out of those four will go head-to-head. The winner of that match will be the third seed and will be the last LPL team to qualify for the group stage. The other two teams will also face-off, and the loser is eliminated from the tournament. The loser of match A and the winner of match B will then collide to claim the fourth seed. This fourth seed will start their journey in the Play-ins.

To make it easier to picture, here is what the Regional Finals would look like based off of spring’s results. FPX and IG would play the first match, with the winner going to Worlds as the third seed. EDG and Team WE would face-off, and the winner would face the loser of the previous match.

And that concludes this week’s article. Come back next week to discuss each team’s chances of making it into playoffs.

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