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Evil Geniuses League of Legends

Evil Geniuses Will Add Impact and Lost

Impact is MR. Fantastic for the Fantastic Four of the 2019 LCS Spring Split semifinals

There was a lot of talk surrounding what Evil Geniuses were going to do with their roster and now there is some clarity. The team is signing Impact and buying out Lost from TSM to fill the top lane and bot lane respectively. Neither the deal or the buyout are currently known.

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Evil Geniuses were another team that did not live up to expectations. They struggled to decide what to do with their roster and it lead them to a much lower finish than they had anticipated. Now by signing Impact they get one of the best and most consistent top laners that the LCS has ever seen.

For Lost, he was a coveted target before but his residency status had hurt him. Now because of OCE players not hurting the international slots of teams, his stock rose quickly. EG will finally give him another chance to start in the LCS.

By all accounts, this roster is not yet complete. So make sure to keep it here at TGH to get all the LCS and LEC free agent updates.

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