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Evil Geniuses League of Legends

Evil Geniuses Prodigies Roster Announced for 2022

Evil Geniuses Prodigies Roster

Evil Geniuses announced their Evil Geniuses Prodigies Roster for the 2022 Amateur League of Legends season. The team consists of the following:

  • Faisal (Top Laner)
  • Perry (Jungler)
  • Leo (LEO99) (Mid Laner)
  • Sketchdreams (ADC)
  • Daption (Support)

The team was announced in the tweet below:

Meet The Players:

The best part about Evil Geniuses in 2021 was how their talent pipeline worked. At the start of 2020, Danny, Tomio, and Srtty were all on the Evil Geniuses Prodigies Roster. In the year since, Danny got promoted to the LCS while Tomio and Srtty got the Academy spot. This isn’t even mentioning SkyTec who joined halfway through the year and got promoted to Academy as well. Evil Geniuses Prodigies has consistently put out amazing talent that has been promoted. Who would have guessed giving young talented players proper coaching could make them good?

The new EGP is looking to have a plethora of young talent as well. Faisal started playing competitive League of Legends for the first time in 2021. His last team was AOE Esports which placed 9th at Proving Grounds Summer. Faisal struggled in the event with some pretty bad laning stats. Despite this, EG seems to believe that they can make him into the next great NA Top Laner.

Perry, who some might recognize for winning Scouting Grounds, is a 17 year old Jungler who played on AOE Not Zoos in 2021. Much like Faisal, he started playing competitive league in 2021. Perry is a very talented player and it’s shocking that he wasn’t picked up for an Academy Roster, especially after his Scouting Grounds performance. Despite this, EG has given him a chance to excel.

Leo has been bouncing around AOE teams for the entirety of 2021. Despite this, he has still been able to put up some respectable results. At Challengers Uprising Season 3, his team got 2nd during the regular season at 4th during Playoffs. He also got 1st at UPL 2021 Fall. Leo is also known for playing some games in the Top Lane when it’s needed. Giving Leo the chance to stay on a stable team and develop should do wonders for him.

Sketchdreams is another player from the AOE Esports. He was on the same roster with Faisal and was able to get 9th at Proving Grounds Summer. After the event, he continued to play at UPL 2021 Fall and got 4th in the regular season and playoffs. Sketchdreams also peaked rank 14 on NA. He seems to be a solid ADC and much like LEO, will certainly benefit from being able to have a solid and stable roster.

Finally we have Daption. Daption played for the incredibly good Wildcard Red in 2021. He got to play with the best ADC in Amateur, Arrow. Despite his amazing lane partner, Daption was not carried. He was able to place 1st at Scouting Grounds 2021 with Perry. He also did quite well when TeamLuke was his ADC. Daption is the biggest veteran on this roster and it’s great to see that he has a home for 2022. He deserved it.

Hopes for EGP:

In the grand scheme of Amateur teams, EGP is looking quite solid. Remember though, the goal of EGP isn’t to win. Sure, they want to win, no doubt, but it’s to develop players. To give them a chance with coaches and a stable income. Players get to learn from the LCS and Academy teams as well. In the long run, EG hopes that a few of these players shine so we get the next Danny, Tomio or Jojopyun.

Another goal for this roster is certainly to make Proving Grounds. EGP did it in the Spring Split and got 5th place. While that is a high goal to reach, EG has shown it to be possible.

EGP will be competing in Challengers Uprising along with other Amateur circuits in 2022.

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