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Evil Geniuses League of Legends

Evil Geniuses Academy 2022 LCS Roster Revealed

Evil Geniuses Academy

Evil Geniuses have announced their new LCS Academy team roster for the 2022 season consisting of Srtty, Tomio, Soligo, Kaori and Skytec. This comes after letting go of TeamLuke, Mystiques and Tony Top ahead of the 2022 LCS Academy season. The roster was announced in the tweet below.

Top and Mid:

The best part about Evil Geniuses is that they are actually committed to building talent through its Academy and Amateur team. In one year alone, we saw the promotion of Danny, Contractz and Jojopyun to the LCS. They also promoted Tomio to Academy from EGP in the Summer. This is something we see with very few teams, mainly 100 Thieves and Cloud9. EG needed to rebuild their Academy team a lot though after all of these promotions.

The biggest loss for Evil Geniuses Academy is Tony Top. Tony Top is a hyper aggressive carry style Top Laner. He is considered by many to be a great prospect for the future of the LCS, but needed another year. Luckily, Golden Guardians picked him up. His replacement, Srtty, is still incredibly good. He had a standout year on EGP and deserved an Academy spot. That said, he won’t be the same hard carry style player that Tony Top was. That isn’t necessary bad either, but rather just a different more traditional playstyle.

The Soligo Pickup is also huge for EG. One of the most baffling parts of the 2021 LCS season was Dignitas refusing to start Soligo over Yusui. Soligo had some great stats in the Spring of 2021. He had a GD10 of 51, XPD10 of 58 and a CSD10 of 1.2 in a league with Perkz, Jiizuke, Jensen, PowerOfEvil and Ablazeolive. Soligo got straight up robbed and LCS fans should be excited about seeing him again, even if it’s Academy.

The Bot Lane:

The Bot Lane is where the EGA roster gets a bit weirder. Starting off, Skytec got promoted from EGP. This is yet another promotion from within and it’s great to see. Kaori on the other hand is a much different choice. He is an import ADC from the Turkish Academy league. He played in the Spring of 2021 on SuperMassive in the TCL and had respectable stats of 167 GD10, 96 XPD10 and -0.4 CSD10.

This is a move that looks a bit puzzling on paper, but EG’s scouting has bee nothing, but spot on in the last year. EG could have just got someone who will smurf Academy, much like Luger did.

All in all, this iteration of Evil Geniuses Academy is looking to be quite exciting.

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