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League of Legends

Everything We Know About Zeri, the Spark of Zaun

Zeri the Spark of Zaun

In a shocking turn of events, a brand new League of Legends champion has bolted onto the scene. Zeri, the Spark of Zaun is set to be the next Marksman in League of Legends.


The electric-centric character was first revealed with just a screenshot of her splash art on Twitter, and suddenly she appeared on the game’s “Universe” page with a detailed back story.

Zeri the Spark of Zaun

Courtesy of League of Legends

Where is Zeri From?

Zeri is the latest champion to hail from the region of Zaun. She spends her time fighting for those who need her help against the barons that lord over certain areas of the region. In her story, Zeri appears to be from a small area called Entresol. In Entresol the malicious upper-class have constructed mines all over the area in order to accumulate resources that are allegedly better than hextech. The mines are destroying the homes of many, and Zeri has fought tooth-and-nail to push back the people exploiting Entresol.

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What are her Strengths?

Zeri is deeply connected to electricity and possesses electric magic. She can gain speed and ramp up her electric power by constantly generating energy. Running around charges her more, and with more charge comes even greater power. It looks like Zeri will be a speed-based champion, that will utilize her gun-arm to deal massive damage to those who stand in her way of protecting Zaun.

Who Does Zeri Work With?

While it is unclear what Zeri’s alliances look like, the end of the story does note that she appears to work with Ekko. The two are most likely crime-fighting buddies patroling Zaun. After the release of the television show “Arcane”, it’s clear that Ekko is leading his own group of Zaunites looking to improve the region.

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