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EU LCS: Fnatic’s Player Problem

Fnatic (“FNC”) is one of EU LCS’ most notable organizations. They have had a long history of success in the league that has continued this year. Three players in particular have been swapped around to bring the organization to it’s current success. They are Martin “Rekkles” Larsson, Gabriël “Bwipo” Rau and Paul “sOAZ” Boyer. All three of these players have proven themselves to be proficient in the roles they play, and are extremely valuable to the team.

The current roster has experienced a few changes with these particular players. Rekkles was benched this split in a move that shocked many. They’ve had their highs and lows, but looking forward, Rekkles is bound to return. He was in the talks for one of the best ADCs in the world, and FNC won’t keep a player of that caliber benched a second longer than needed. It is unlikely that they would allow him to be traded either. Next season, it will be imperative for sOAZ or Bwipo to find a new team to shine on. Likewise, FNC will be looking to release one of the unneeded players to improve their roster as a whole.

The Current Roster and Why Rekkles will Return

FNC Rekkles after a win. Photo via LoL Esports Flickr.

The current roster with sOAZ mainly in the top lane and Bwipo bot was born out of necessity. Rekkles, with his Karma and Janna picks, showed an inability to adapt to the new bot lane meta. Bwipo, on the other hand, was already proficient on the meta mages and bruisers. It was a needed swap, and one the team has thrived on. Their unique strategies and adaptations have propelled them near the top of the standings.

The problem for the two top laners is that Riot has slowly been buffing marksman and Critical Strike items. As time as gone on, teams are finding more success and on more ADC picks. At this rate marksmen will be viable again, perhaps by Worlds, but certainly by next season. This will set the stage for Rekkles’ triumphant debut. FNC showed they thrived when playing around Rekkles in the Spring Split, and will likely do so when he does return.

Because of this, Bwipo or sOAZ will have to move teams next season. While one of them could sit the bench and be a reserve player, this shouldn’t have to be the case. Both players have shown exceptional skill this year, and are valuable assets to any teams.

sOAZ vs. Bwipo

FNC sOAZ having a good time. Photo via LoL Esports Flickr.

sOAZ is a highly prized player for FNC, and any team that’s looking for a top laner. He has played since Season One, and has valuable World Championship experience. Its hard to find a player that can perform consistently well on virtually all the top lane champions. However, it would be hard for FNC to see sOAZ go because of his history with the team. Besides two years with Origen, sOAZ has been with Fnatic since 2012. He has been with them in multiple World Championships, and proved himself over and over again. A veteran like sOAZ isn’t something a team can easily secure. His wealth of experience surely comes in handy for FNC, and is a quality that makes him stand out among other players.

FNC Bwipo smiling in game. Photo via LoL Esports Flickr.

Bwipo, on the other hand, is a new spitfire. He has experience in wild-card regions and in the Intel Extreme Masters tournament in 2016. He has little experience compared to his counterpart, but he more than makes up for it with skill. Bwipo took sOAZ’s spot in the roster in the semi finals of playoffs, and took to the position with ease. He played tanks and carries alike, performing well on almost everything. Bwipo proved that he could stand up against some of the best top laners in the world in the Mid-Season Invitational too. Teams will definitely want his talent, which is becoming more and more refined every time he plays.

FNC will certainly have a tough choice to make at the end of the season. Both players have great qualities that give a lot to the team. Teams with struggling top laners will have to offer some serious incentives to secure them for their rosters. Splyce, Giants and FC Schalke 04 are all potential destinations. It’s also possible that they move to North America, something that many European players have done in the past. Only time will tell if these players stay or go, but wherever they are, they are sure to be players to keep an eye on.


Featured image via LoL Esports Twitter.

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