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EDG Worlds Skins Potentially Leaked

EDG Worlds Skins

After an incredible run in 2021, EDG came out the Worlds winner. As with every Worlds winner, EDG will have one champion they pick receive an exclusive skin. Many of their fans have been waiting for quite some time for these skins. Now, thanks to leaker BigBadBear, the EDG Worlds Skins have likely been leaked. Here’s a look at the EDG Worlds Skins for their 2021 Championship.

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Earlier in the week, BigBadBear and other leakers had been working on getting these skins out there. They had received a partial picture of the splash art. It showed Yuumi, Aphelios and part of Viego. Now the entire splash art for all five champions has been revealed below.

As a reminder the initial five champions picked were, Graves, Viego, Zoe, Aphelios and Lulu. Then there were rumors that Meiko had changed from Lulu to Yuumi. The initial leak along with the full splash now confirm that decision. It is possible that this change was part of the reason why these skins were delayed some.

  • Flandre – Graves
  • Jiejie – Viego
  • Scout – Zoe
  • Viper – Aphelios
  • Meiko – Yuumi

Last year it seemed as though the DAMON Kia skins were revealed and released much quicker. But they were released at the end of April so it will be only a minor difference.

Either way, the EDG fans will be very happy with their skins. They look very regal and it feels likely that Graves and Aphelios in particular will be used regularly. The actual abilities and recall animations have not been leaked or revealed yet. That said, they will surely be unique to the players.

Hopefully, Riot Games and the League of Legends development team will continue to honor their champions with this tradition. It is a great way to immortalize these champions in a sense.

As a reminder, this is a leak and should be taken as such until the official reveal from a Riot Games or League of Legends account. That said, BigBadBear has been very accurate lately and these are either the skins or a very well stylized fake.

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