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EDG Announce Their Worlds 2021 Skins Picks

EDG Worlds Skins

Ahead of the 2022 LPL Season, EDG has announced their Worlds 2021 skin picks. The EDG Worlds Skins are as follows:

  • Flandre – Graves
  • Jiejie – Viego
  • Scout – Zoe
  • Viper – Aphelios
  • Meiko – Lulu

Why Did EDG Choose These Worlds Skins?

EDG, despite being the #1 seed from the LPL, were still underdogs at Worlds 2021. In this iconic run to win it all, every champion here was played, per Riot Games rules. Teams are only allowed to choose champions that they locked in for their Worlds skin.

Flandre chose Graves due to how frankly overpowered he was at the event. Graves Top was pretty much unbeatable with his amazing damage, wave clear and survivability. Flandre picked graves 11 times in the event and it was by far his most played champion. In terms of a skin that encompasses the meta of Worlds, Graves is a great choice.

Jiejie decided to go with Viego. Despite being his skin, Jiejie only played Viego once during the event. He played Viego a lot more during the LPL. That game in which he did play Viego though was crucial. It was Game 4 of the Worlds 2021 Finals. It was the pick that forced Silver Scrapes and allowed him to dominate Canyon. All in all, a solid pick.

REYKJAVIK, ICELAND – NOVEMBER 6: EDward Gaming reacts on stage after winning the League of Legends World Championship Finals on November 6, 2021 in Reykjavik, Iceland. (Photo by Colin Young-Wolff/Riot Games)

Scout went with Zoe for very similar reasons to Jiejie. Despite not playing Zoe until the Worlds Finals, Scout broke it out and dominated the former World Champions. Not only did he dominate them with Zoe, but it he did it during Games 4 and 5. Another great pick to show how EDG won Worlds.

Viper decided to go with 200 years of game design experience, Aphelios. Viper played a ton of Aphelios all year, but played him 3 times at Worlds. That final time was Game 5 versus Damwon Kia in the finals. Noticing a trend here? Aphelios is a great pick not only due to his lack of skins, but it is a champion that Viper has found a lot of success with historically and recently.

Finally we have Meiko who went with Lulu. Ever since winning Worlds, Meiko has stated it was going to be Lulu or Yuumi. We finally have the answer and it makes a ton of sense. Meiko chose Lulu 4 times at Worlds, most importantly in Game 4 of the Worlds Finals. This is going to be Lulu’s first Worlds skin and is an all time favorite pick of Meiko.

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