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DWG Win Worlds 2020

After a long season, Damwon Gaming defeated Suning 3-1 at the world championships.

Their win symbolizes the return of the LCK’s strength. With only three losses in all of Worlds, and with the world cup in their hands, Damwon’s strength is quite undeniable.

Kim “Canyon” Geon-bu carried Damwon on his back for the finishing game of Worlds, earning MVP for the championship and showing the world what jungle difference truly looks like.

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Damwon this Season

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At the beginning of the season, Damwon was not unstoppable. They fell behind T1 and struggled to match up against DRX. They had a history of being defeated at key moments.

But during the LCK Summer, they came with a vengeance, growing faster than any other competitive team. Initially falling slightly behind DRX, Damwon pushed past every obstacle in their path.

With the guidance of coach Lee “Zefa” Jae-min, the players became an unstoppable unit. Their constant struggles allowed their trust and mental fortitude to grow stronger.

Heo “Showmaker” Su and Jang “Nuguri” Ha-gwon made huge names for themselves towards the end of LCK Summer, where Damwon secured first place. They gained more and more public acknowledgment for their performance, alongside the rest of Damwon


Future of Damwon

Before this season, barely anyone knew who Damwon were. They were the weak team that got destroyed by G2 at Worlds. But now, competitors worldwide tremble at their name.

As the strongest team at Worlds this season, Damwon has continued to grow on stage, passing all hurdles in their path.

With their championship victory, their global presence will increase, allowing for more funding and resources, allowing Damwon to grow even further. Their brand name has finally been set, and they are now leaders in the LCK.

Damwon’s consistency alongside team plays had no par, always functioning as a unit. With their victory, Damwon knows that their labor will yield fruit. As Nuguri promised in the Worlds interview, they will continue to work hard and continue to grow.

Expect Damwon to be a massive name in the industry from now on.


In Conclusion

Damwon was unyielding the latter half of this season. Despite being placed on a Chinese stage, with a largely Chinese audience, with a China catered Worlds performance.

The members of Damwon looked intimidated on the stage, while Suning stood proudly to represent their country. But when it came down to performance, Damwon stood their ground, taking home the world cup.

Nothing could stop Damwon, allowing Koreans to cheer proudly as they retake the name as kings of League of Legends.


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