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DWG vs T1 Overview: LCK Summer Split

Damwon Gaming and T1 faced off on August 20th. The games between these two powerhouses in the LCK were intense, keeping audience at the edge of their seats. DWG at first place, and T1 at fourth place, both are undeniably strong.

Please watch the games, or at least the highlights, if not watched yet, as this article will include spoilers and analysis.

Game 1

As previously mentioned, T1’s Mid Laner Ju-hyeon “Clozer” Lee just recently made his debut in competitive League of Legends. DWG vs T1 marked his first match against one of the “top dogs” in the LCK.

DWG’s Su “Showmaker” Heo holds the runner up position for most valuable player in the LCK, while DWG holds first place in the LCK Summer Split. The audience watched the mid lane matchup diligently, as Faker’s replacement attempted to guard T1’s reputation.

But Clozer could not keep up. Clozer played Sylas, while Showmaker displayed his signature Twisted Fate. The difference in the matchup did not come from typical 1v1s, but instead from map awareness.

Showmaker’s roams and teleports proved more effective, particularly in the first blood fight.

Showmaker engages on T1’s top lane Chang-dong “Canna” Kim with Twisted Fate ultimate, and Clozer attempts to counter the engage with his teleport. Unfortunately, Clozer underestimated Showmaker’s move.

Showmaker’s ultimate is followed up with his DWG’s jungler Geon-bu “Canyon” Kim’s gank, while T1’s jungler is nowhere to be seen. Clozer gives up first blood, and Canna falls under tower.

The DWG snowball begins.

For the rest of the game, Clozer struggles to make a large enough impact, while Showmaker utilizes Twisted Fate’s abuses Twisted Fate ultimate to set up amazing plays.

Showmaker takes over game one, and earns the win for DWG. Watch game 1 to see exactly how big of an impact Showmaker has, and the importance of the mid lane.

Courtesy of LCK


Game 2

Game 2 is a blood fest, and shows what competitive League of Legends should look like.

Team fights and objectives remain relatively even. T1 managed to secure Dragon Soul, alongside both Rift heralds. But DWG’s strong team fights alongside rotations win them Game 2, securing the victory over T1.

Clozer and Showmaker play even this game. With Clozer, once again on Sylas, and Showmaker on Kassadin, the mid lane comparison is hard to gauge this game.

Throughout the game, T1 and DWG manage to trade kills and objectives, making for a very close game. But as it reaches late game, DWG’s bot lane pick shines.

DWG’s Yong-jun “Ghost” Jang played Ziggs bot, an unusual yet very effective pick.

T1’s team composition relies heavily on grouping and standing back, with only Sylas and Volibear having dive potential. Unfortunately for T1, Ziggs’ area of effect slows effectively zone T1’s front line, keeping Ghost safe from any potential threats.

Ziggs’ ultimates throughout the game also zones T1, dispersing the grouped members. Doing so gives DWG the opportunity to either escape or capitalize on isolated members.

Alongside the safety provided by Geong-hee “Beryl” Cho’s lanterns as Thresh, Ghost manages to decimate T1, poking them from afar, dealing a whopping 30.7k damage in game 2, earning DWG the win.

Courtesy of LCK


Both teams played excellently, and the T1 vs DWG is a must-watch match up. Clozer’s growth is visible in the games, showing his potential as a competitive gamer. Showmaker proves his worth as one of the best mid laners in the LCK. DWG shows their excellent teamwork, managing to clutch a win despite losing so many jungle objectives to T1.



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