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Three Things Dignitas Need to do for a Successful Week Three

Three Things Dignitas Need to do for a Successful Week Three

Following a not so great 1-2 weekend, Dignitas look to get back on track as they head into a calm week three. Last week, DIG fell at the hands of two top LCS teams, Cloud 9 and Team Liquid. This week they catch a break as they face the two worst teams in the LCS, ninth place CLG and 10th place Golden Guardians. They will also face TSM, who have been performing well this split as they sit in second place. Here are three things Dignitas needs to do for a successful week two:

1.Take Care of Business

Over the first two weeks, the main conversation surrounding Dignitas seemed to be whether or not they are seriously a top team in the LCS. Losses to top teams Team Liquid and Cloud 9 last week didn’t help the team’s case all that much, but it’s a long season and easy weeks like this upcoming one must be taken advantage of. Verusing Golden Guardians and CLG this week should be two free wins for the black and yellow and they must make sure they do not drop either game. DIG should dominate these games from start to finish as they are the superior team in almost every category.

2. Let Neo be Neo

In the current meta, the enchanter plus Jungle carry comp is extremely strong. In almost every game within the first two weeks, enchanters Karma and Lulu and Jungle carries Xin Zhao and Rumble have been either picked or banned. Dignitas has seen success with this such as their game against Immortals with David “Yusui” Bloomquist on Lulu and Joshua “Dardoch” Hartnett on Xin Zhao. In their next game against Cloud 9, they picked Xin Zhao for Dardoch hoping they could build the same comp. They tunnel visioned this idea and put Toàn “Neo” Trần on the Seraphine AD Carry. Needless to say, this blew up in DIG’s face. 

Neo has had a strong split so far after receiving All-LCS honors last split. He is paired with one of the greatest supports to play the game in Zaqueri “Aphromoo” Black and has held his own against some of the strongest ADs in the league. If DIG wants to be successful this season they must let Neo thrive through playing traditional ADs and not forcing him into a situation where he is playing a non-comfort champion against the number one team in the league. If DIG wants to roll with enchanters in the Mid Lane or Top Lane by all means, but please stay away from the AD Carry.

3. Play through Bot

Going off the previous point, Dignitas has one of the strongest Bot Lanes in the LCS with Neo and Aphromoo. If they want to be successful, they must continue playing through Bot Lane. This strategy has worked for the team in their games this split, most notably when Neo secured five kills on Samira early in the game against Immortals. Even in some of the team’s losses, early ganks Bot by Dardoch have secured kills but they just failed to snowball. If DIG can keep Neo off support enchanters and continue trying to play through the Bot Lane, the team will see success in their split and potentially launch themselves into a consistent top three position. 


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