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LCS Recap: Clutch Gaming vs FlyQuest

After a devastating loss against TSM, Clutch looked to return to a .500 record against FlyQuest. CG looked great against both GGS and 100T. However, FlyQuest looked to return to form and prove themselves worthy of another playoff spot.


CG vs FLY Draft

CG vs FLY draft

Heo “Huni” Seung-hoon continues to be the focus of enemy drafts with FlyQuest banning out his favorite champion, Rumble first. However, Clutch answered back by utilizing flex picks by picking Sylas. Clutch tried to use the ultra long range bot lane with Caitlyn and Lux for Cody Sun and Philippe “Vulcan” Laflamme. However, Flyquest banned out Caitlyn in the second round of bans to force Cody Sun to play Xayah. Lastly, CG picked Akali for more flex possibilities in the Top and Mid lanes. In the very end, Huni would play Sylas and Damonte would play Akali.

Early Game

CG Lira
Clutch Gaming Lira

Clutch began the match with an unusual strategy by having Huni and Damonte constantly switching lanes for the first ten minutes of the match. Despite FlyQuest taking first blood in the Bot lLane, Clutch came back just seconds later with a Gank from Nam “Lira” Tae-yoo. With a slight gold advantage, FlyQuest looked to snowball their lead by taking a fight in the river. However, CG answered their two kills with Damonte taking a great double kill to keep things relatively even.

By fifteen minutes, the gold advantage and neutral objective control was even with FlyQuest having two Drakes, but Clutch having top lane tower and rift herald for tower pressure. Both Cody Sun and Damonte would take a slight CS advantage. However, Huni was down 30 CS compared to the FlyQuest top laner.

Late Game

Clutch came into the mid and late game ready to absolutely dominate FlyQuest. Before taking their first drake, CG found a great pick onto the Flyquest support, Juan “JayJ” Guibert. Flyquest attempted to turn things around by denying some vision around baron. However, Clutch took the opportunity to strike and found two kills onto JayJ and Lucas “Santorin” Tao losing just Lira along the way. The team from Texas snowballed their lead after taking Baron buff by finding a great kill onto Omran “V1per” Shoura. Clutch seiged the FlyQuest base relatively easily. However, CG was forced to reset after losing Lira during an attempt to take down the bot lane inhibitor tower. Clutch escorted the super minions into the base then quickly Realm Warped into the Baron pit. Clutch then utilized their second Baron buff to seige the base and take victory over Flyquest.

Final Thoughts

Clutch improved to a .500 record and looked absolutely dominant in the mid to late game. If Clutch can continue this trajectory while still staying afloat during the the laning phase, this team could easily make playoffs. Furthermore, It seems that the team’s morale is much higher after their victories and the Dignitas announcement.

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