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Johnsun Breaks Out and Conquers the Rift

Johnsun conquers the rift.

Johnson “Johnsun” Nguyen, is the rookie who accompanies one of the oldest veterans in the league. Together with Zaqueri “Aphromoo” Black, Johnsun was brought in to eliminate and destroy the enemy bot lanes in the LCS. With a look at his statistics, fans can only be more excited about what’s to come. Johnsun’s breakout surely shows he is ready to conquer the rift and he is not looking to stop in week 3.

Basic Statistics

One of the most important stats an AD Carry can have is average damage per minute or Average DPM. With a solid 578 DPM Johnsun is the third-best ADC in the LCS right now. Which of course is phenomenal. Only Bae “Bang” Jun-sik and Victor ”FBI” Huang are above him. The damage charts are reigned by a rookie and players who hadn’t necessarily played well last season.

Next is KDA or Kills/Deaths/Assists Ratio. And with a KDA of 6.2 and average kills of 3.8. Johnsun is definitely up there with some of the best ADC’s. Only Jesper “Zven” Svenningsen from Cloud9 who is still deathless is higher. Johnsun is surely looking forward to taking this powerhouse out in Dignitas’ match against Cloud9 this weekend.



Johnsun on the rift is a very enjoyable player to watch. People can be surprised if they would have been told that he’s a rookie. With rookie’s always having a lot on their shoulders for proving themselves on the rift, Johnsun was relaxed and didn’t force anything. His patience and consistency is something many ADC’s in the league can strive for.

Besides Johnsun’s solid mentality, he has some great mechanics to back it up. He’s was able to pick up kills in the most stickiest situations and still get something positive out of things that didn’t go their way.


With a great team of veterans to back him up and teach him the ropes, Aphromoo being one that immediatly sticks out, Johnsun can feel more secure. The veteran and the rookie in the bot lane are conquering the rift match by match. Aphromoo’s shotcalling steers Johnsun in the way that he needs to go as he keeps grabbing kills left and right beside his support. With only one game dropped of the 4 matches played, they should be confident in themselves as they look at the matches and weeks ahead.

Johnsun conquers the rift.
Photo by lolesports Flickr (Tina Jo/Riot Games)

Johnsun should be able to not let the Flyquest game go to his head so he can pick up where he left off against Team Liquid. A win against TSM in their first match should be a given if the team can pick it up again. But fans can’t forget about the Cloud9 game too. C9 is an absolute powerhouse who are not looking to drop games. Some great individual players with great experiences make them a scary team. If Dignitas and Johnsun can keep their cool and play to their advantages, things could get hard for the C9 squad.


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