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Dignitas Say Goodbye to Soligo, Yusui, JayJ and Coach Invert

Dignitas Release Soligo

After a year of ups and downs, Dignitas is making moves to initiate their rebuild for 2022. On Monday November 15, Dignitas announced the release of Soligo, Yusui, JayJ and Invert. Soligo and Yusui split time on the LCS roster in mid lane. Coach Invert looked to have a strong start in the 2021 season, but the second half of the year was a bit of slide for the team. JayJ played support for Dignitas Academy, and will now have a shot to pursue free agency.

Soligo kicked off the 2021 season as Dignitas’ starting mid laner, and would hang on to the position until summer. However as the summer split arrived, Soligo began to struggle and Dignitas looked to find a new spark to energize the team. Dignitas brought in Yusui to hop in Soligo’s place, and ultimately the mid lane swap produced the same results.

As Dignitas look to move on from coach Invert, the team will be searching for a suitable replacement. The coaching options are limited, but Dignitas could find a new fresh-face to lead the team in 2022.

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It appears that Dignitas won’t be calling up JayJ from the Academy team after parting ways with Aphromoo. The team will look for a new support to play alongside Neo in the 2022 season. Early rumors have mentioned that Dignitas are looking to rebuild the team with Neo and Fakegod as the two core pieces of the team. As the young free agency period continues to play out, DIG fans will certainly be keeping their focus on any new developments for the new roster.


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