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Dignitas Week 2 LCS Recap: 3-0 Dominance

Dignitas went into the weekend looking like a bottom half team. Surprisingly, they ended up tied for third place. A 3-0 weekend will do that to the standings. Here is how they did it.


Courtesy of Dignitas

Digs first game of the weekend was against Immortals. IMT last weekend had just beat Team Liquid, the Lock-In Champions. They have the pieces to put together a victory. Dignitas though, did not let this happen. One of the most interesting part of the Dig lineup has been Dardoch. This man has yet to play a single JG champ twice. Every-game picking typical champs to weird pocket picks like Dr. Mundo and Rengar. There is simply no way to predict or expect his champions. This game he breaks out Hecarim, who was played a couple times in the LCS so far. Dardoch pilots the running horse to perfection not letting Immortals get a single neutral objective all game.

Another stand out performance was from Soligo. With a 69% percent KP, 24% damage spread and a 3/0/8 KDA, his Orianna demolished IMT. This isn’t even to mention the botlane duo of Neo and Aphromoo. With a combined 9/0/14 KDA on Thresh Kalista, the Bot Lane took over the game and made Dardoch’s dragon control even easier. This was the best performance from Dig up until this point.

Golden Guardians:

GGs might be the weakest team the LCS this year, but that doesn’t make a solid win like this any less impressive. Once again Dignitas destroyed the opposition with a GG EZ in all chat. Every single player on Dig played spectacularly. FakeGod had a great performance on Rumble a 63% KP, 30% Damage Share and a 3/1/7 KDA. FakeGod was looking like primetime Huni Rumble.

Courtesy of Riot Games

Once again, the Bot Lane showed that Aphromoo is not washed in the slighest. With another Thresh based duo, this time with Aphelios, Aphroo and Neo went 4/1/25. Neo showed all 200 years of game design on the moon boy with 25% of his teams damage. Once again Dardoch showed that his champ pool is a champ ocean, pulling out Kindred to a 6/1/6 score and an Infernal Soul. Solgio also Mid-gapped Nicholas “Ablazolive” Abbott on Twisted Fate with some big global plays. Once again, Dig showed that they are a team who can dominate an opponent.

Evil Geniuses:

EG had taken down Cloud9 in their only loss of the Split on Friday. They then proceeded to have a bad game vs IMT on Saturday. Surely, there is no way they will lose again, right? Daroch starts the game by pulling out the DLC Jungle champ, Kayn. Against this mighty one shot burst assassin, who does EG pick? Lillia, Ezreal, Lucian, Seraphine. All champs that can literally get one shot. And while Dardoch doesn’t one shot them, his presence in the game alone makes all of these champs play different. They need to fear where he is on the map at all times. Dardoch ended with a score of 3/2/4 and only 3 drakes were taken all game.

Neo and Aphro in the bot lane decide to play Senna Tahm Kench. The untouchable duo. This ended up working incredibly well with a combined KDA of 3/1/11 Senna was healing, doing damage, and scaling while Tahm Kench got items early due to fasting Senna. Soligo probably had the stand out performance of the game on Zoe. He had a 73% KP, 29% damage spread and a 5/1/6 KDA. Once again, Zoe is good into squishy champs. Impact on Gnar is the only one who could tank the Paddlestars. FakeGod, while admittedly having the worst performance on the team, struggled against Jeong “Impact” Eon-young early, but was able to not int too hard and scale with the rest of the winning lanes. Sometimes you don’t need to win lane, you just need to not throw it. That is what FakeGod did and it worked.

Put all of this together and Dignitas looks like a team that can beat anyone in the LCS. Should you bet on it? Probably not. But is it possible? Absolutely. Teams should be scared of the Bottom Lane duo, Neo and Aphromoo. Dardoch is looking like a top tier Jungler as well. Dig should not be underestimated and more people should be talking about them.

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