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Dignitas League of Legends

Dignitas To Sign River and Blue for 2022 LCS Roster

Dignitas River

Dignitas have signed River and Blue for their 2022 LCS Roster according to Jacob Wolf. This move comes after Akaadian, Soligo and Yusui have been dropped from the team.

River is the former Jungler for PSG Talon. PSG Talon made MSI Semifinals and Worlds Group Stage this year with River as their Jungler. River had the most dominate stats in the Jungle role in the PCS with a GD10 of 506, XPD10 435, CSD10 of 9.3, a KDA of 8.5 and a DPM of 543. The stats speak for themselves, River dominated the Jungle in 2021.

For Blue, well, the stats also speak for themselves. He has a GD10 of -395, XPD10 of -276 and CSD10 of -3.8. He generally had some of the worst stats of any LEC Mid Laner. Of all the moves this offseason, this one on paper seems one of the most baffling. Perhaps there is something that Dignitas sees that the stats don’t show. This has happened time to time, but generally speaking, this makes little sense.

Rest of the Dignitas Roster:

Jacob Wolf has also reported that FakeGod and Neo are staying on Dignitas. The support spot still seems up in the air. FakeGod seems to be one of the more interesting plays. FakeGod had a killer Spring Split, but had an awful Summer Split. So much so that he was on the receiving end of the biggest Gold Gap in LCS history from Impact’s Renekton. Top was on paper the biggest gap on Dignitas and it’s the role they chose to keep. Neo on the other hand is a good play. Neo proved his ability to dominate team fights with Aphromoo and carry the team.

Time will tell how strong the 2022 Dignitas LCS Roster is, but it’s looking to be a spicy offseason for them.

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