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Dignitas Say Goodbye to Aphromoo Before LCS Free Agency

LCS Aphromoo

After 2 years with the legendary support Zaqueri “Aphromoo” Black, Dignitas has officially decided to move on. The decision was announced on twitter with under an hour until free agency.

Aphromoo has been one of the best Supports in the LCS for the last two years. His incredible ability to foster any ADC into a threat has been commendable. From Neo to Johnsun, Aphro’s time on Dignitas has been successful on a personal level. Unfortunately, on a team level, it has not been. Dignitas has never been able to break past 6th place during his time there. This isn’t due to Aphromoo, but it is worth noting.

It makes sense for Dignitas to move on considering Aphro’s contract has expired.

Where is Aphromoo Heading?

As of now, nothing is official, but the current rumors are leading towards FlyQuest. Travis Gafford seems to been the first to indicate this, but The Game Haus is unable to verify these rumors. If they are true though, this may reunite Aphromoo with his former LCS ADC partner in Johnsun. Johnsun and Aphromoo were on the 2020 rendition of Dignitas. Together, they struck fear even into some of the strongest Bot Lanes in the LCS. Them reuniting seems to be the perfect match.

Aphromoo still has a lot in the tank if these last two years have been indictive of anything.

What about Dignitas?

Dignitas is probably unable to find a Support on the same level as Aphromoo, but there are a few options available. Their current Academy Support, JayJ, has been in the LCS in the past, but is probably not the move. There are a few key free agents on the market. Zeyzal spent the last year playing and dominating in Amateur and BioFrost is looking to return to pro play. Fans should expect an announcement in the next few days for the new LCS Support.

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