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Dignitas League of Legends

Dignitas Looking to Find Success in the LCS Again

Dignitas LCS

The fourth week of the League of Legends Championship Series is here and Dignitas had two difficult matches in front of them. DIG struggled in their third week and were looking to bounce back this week. With one win and one loss, things still look shaky for Dignitas, but they’re still managing to show some solid results.

Reviewing Week 4

100 Thieves: 3-3

The game started off with an interview with head coach Thomas “‎Thinkcard‎” Slotkin giving an insight on their draft. The Soraka and Olaf were picked with the intention of playing zone control. Dignitas already established themselves as being astounding on that front. With the champion synergy in mind, they were looking to show of some great zone control again.

Both teams were looking to scale, with Dignitas having the upper hand on that part with the Ornn in the mid lane. Dignitas took a early gold lead and used this to their advantage. They got control over the river and using the strategy they had in mind to overpower 100 Thieves. Early river control turned into objective control and everything snowballed. There was only one time that Dignitas fans would have doubted their team and that was after the ace in the baron pit at the 20 minute mark. But fans had nothing to worry about.

Dignitas looking to find succes again

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The 3 tank comp with the Soraka became an unstoppable force as Dignitas chased their enemies time and time again. The Soraka heals made sure all the tanks stayed healthy and that the Miss Fortune had all the time to lay down the damage.

Player of the Match: Jonathan “Grig” Armao

With Heo “Huni” Seung-hoon’s Soraka coming in close second Grig took the throne. He fulfilled his job in the gameplay they had and was the unstoppable carry on this team. Powerfarming his way through the early game and getting objectives turned into being a tank for the team and slowing everyone who came even an inch too close. With a score of 6-1-3 and a 500 gold bounty at the end of the game, fans can easily be happy with their jungler after that game.

Golden Guardians: 3-4

There was a much quicker early game in this one. Both Jarvan on GG’s side and Elise on Dig’s side were looking for kills and pressure. Grig did a decent job of that. Although he didn’t get any kills when he ganked both early, he was able to get the flashes and give their laners an edge on the enemies.

Things got tougher and tougher for Dignitas to execute their composition though. Can “Closer” Çelik was constantly lurking through the jungle and got a lot of assistence from his solo laners. Golden Guardians were able to constantly get some picks shifting the game into their favor.

Not much changed after that. Golden Guardians simply out macro’d Dignitas’s squad. Using the 1-3-1 split push they were able to break open the base and make the game look even more grim for Dig. Although Dig tried hard to get back into the game, Victor “FBI” Huang didn’t give them that chance. By absolutely dominating on the Aphelios, he was able to dish out crazy amounts of damage and sending every player from Dignitas back to the fountain. Without any crazy tactics or champion synergies, Goldian Guardians were able to take down Dignitas by just using straight forward macro.

Player of the Match: Victor “FBI” Huang
Dignitas looking to find succes again
Photo by lolesports Flickr

FBI is the Australian prodigy of the LCS. Win lane win game situation right here. He was able to get a massive gold lead in the lane phase which made him scale really fast. Ornn on top of that made sure that by the 20 minute mark, nobody could fight him. Insane amounts of damage and great mechanics gave him the edge in this game as he took the win and prepares himself for Week 5.

Previewing Week 5

Immortals: 5-3

Immortals is a solid team at the moment. With Jake Kevin “Xmithie” Puchero as a key player in this squad. Although they had three losses, this is a team that has been extremely consistent. They know what they want out of a game and they will try their best to play to their advantages. This team is a threat to Dignitas, who are struggling to get themselves on track again.

Dignitas looking to find succes again
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Player to Watch: Jake Kevin “Xmithie” Puchero

Watch this jungler. This man is an absolute unit to play against. He knows how to play the game in any situation and has been very consistent in his playstyle. With already four weeks of play, he has been shining in every single game and he will keep doing that in Week 5.

Prediction – Immortals wins 


Team Liquid: 3-5

Dignitas looking to find succes again
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This team managed to disappoint a lot of fans the past weeks. Nobody expected them to perform how they are playing right now. And with Mads “Broxah” Brock-Pedersen only just joining the team, they are still are figuring out how to play around each other.

Player to Watch: Heo “Huni” Seung-hoon

Heo “Huni” Seung-hoon, the man Dignitas is build around. He had multiple questionable moments in Week 3, but showed the exact opposite last week. If he keeps this up for Week 5, people could expect a lot of highlights from this player. Fans can feel he is hungry for wins, and Huni will do anything to get those wins rolling again.

Prediction – Dignitas wins 


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