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DWG vs PSG: Damwon Gaming Undefeated

Damwon Gaming starts off Worlds 2020 strong. As of now, they are 3-0 in Group B, having faced off against JD Gaming, Rogue and PSG Talon.


In DWG’s most recent game against PSG, Ha-gwan “Nuguri” Jang on Kennen showed his dominance over the course of the entire game.

Courtesy of Inven global

He gets four-man dove five minutes into the game, then subsequently three-man dove seven minutes in. Nevertheless, Nuguri still manages to claw his way out of laning phase, 1v1ing Chia-Hsiang “Hanabi” Su on Lulu under PSG’s top tower.

Nineteen minutes in, all five players on PSG rotate top to fight the stranded Nuguri. He once again solo kills Hanabi before getting collapsed on by PSG’s entire team. He soaks up pressure for Damwon to push lanes mid and bot, alongside denies time-efficient plays from PSG.

But his impact on the game does not stop there.

At 21 minutes, Nuguri flanks at Dragon, playing perfectly off of vision. A pink ward in a bush disappears, and at that exact moment, he engages. Flashing in and using hextech-protobelt, he lands a near five-man ultimate on PSG.

Decimating all of PSG with his ballsy engage, Nuguri uses stopwatch at the last moment to survive. After this play, DWG pick up Baron. There is little PSG can do after this.

During the last moments before PSG’s defeat, Nuguri once again flanks, flashing and ulting into the entire team. The follow up from Su “Showmaker” Hu and the rest of DWG leave no chance for survival, and DWG get the win against PSG.

Despite having been rushed to the hospital due to a collapsed lung and having undergone emergency surgery, Nuguri played phenomenally on the World’s stage.

In Conclusion

DWG’s momentum from LCK Summer, during which they had an 89% win rate on their series, seems to be continuing into Worlds.

Will they continue to perform exceptionally well? Can they continue to stomp games through Worlds, or will their win streak be broken soon? Keep up with Worlds 2020 to find out.


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