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Crime City Nightmare will be the Next Thematic Skin Line

Crime City Nightmare Skins

At the beginning of 2021, Riot Games and the League of Legends team revealed that fans would be able to vote on a new thematic skin line. This was the first time that the skin team had done this where they gave the power to the fans. The three options were live on the client for a couple of weeks and the winner of the overall vote ended up being, Crime City Nightmare Skins.

Click here to see which Champion ended up winning the rework vote.

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Globally the results were not very close as can be seen in the picture below. But oddly China, which represents the biggest player base in the world, voted more for Debonair 2.0. Because of this Riot Games has decided to do both this year with Crime City Nightmare coming before Debonair 2.0.



They mentioned that Monster Tamers, while significantly lower than the other options, will be considered in the future as well. The hope for Crim City Nightmare is that it will come out sometime in Quarter 3 which means between July and September. They will be giving an update in a few months to make sure tha fans know where everything is at.

It is interesting that they are making such a big deal for these skins but it is feeling like they will be treated like some of the bigger lines in League of Legends. The Project Skins, Odyssey, Spirit Blossom and Star Guardian were all major skin lines that had at least 10 champions in them and some even had their own game modes associated with them.

Assume that Crime City Nightmares and possibly even Debonair 2.0 will get similar treatment as the other major skin lines. They will likely get their own cinematics, a game mode and possibly a lot more. Keep it here at The Game Haus to stay updated as these skin lines get more information surrounding them.

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