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Cody Sun Interview: “This time around 100 Thieves definitely feels like they’re more experienced and they’re very accommodating to the players”

Cody Sun interview

Coming into the 2020 Summer Split, TheGameHaus got to sit down with 100 Thieves bottom laner Cody Sun and talk about the team, the mid-season, and competition through COVID-19. Here are his brief thoughts, as part of LCS Media Day.

Rob (TGH): In The Heist last split, you and Stunt talked a bit about working on your relationship. Could you talk a bit about that, and how you guys are doing going into Summer Split? 

Cody Sun: I think with everything that’s professional and related to a personal relationship, with anyone, it’s always something you have to work out and try your best to separate the two. For us, we understand that we’re going to try our best to help each other improve, and do what we can for our bot lane without hurting each other’s feelings.Sometimes you have to talk things out, and be honest with each other. That just takes time, and that just takes more conversations. We’d rather talk it out more than not, you know? It’s definitely less awkward now than it was in the beginning. 

Cody Sun interview
Image from LoL Esports Flickr

Rob (TGH): Do you feel like COVID has brought you closer or are you itching to get out?

Cody Sun: Yeah, it might have brought us closer together. We don’t really have much social interaction with other people. We’ll eat food and talk sometimes. I think it’s really important to know when to give each other space, as well. We’re roommates, so we see each other every day. We do a pretty good job of that. It would get pretty annoying if we had to talk every single day or always have to play with each other. It’s good to just chill out sometimes. 

Rob (TGH) How has it been different with 100 Thieves this time around versus 2017-2018

Cody Sun: This time around 100 Thieves definitely feels like they’re more experienced and they’re very accommodating to the players. I also feel like before they didn’t really, you know, because it was their first time, they would always try to do something extra for the players or for the team to try to give us a little boost, which was a nice gesture for us, but I do think this time around they understand it’s good to just let us do our own thing. You know, let the teams operate individually. 

Rob (TGH): Would you say the upper management has been more hands-off in a good way? Do you think that is because of PapaSmithy?

Cody Sun: Yeah, I think the system they currently have is a lot more chill, and a lot better. Whether that is because PapaSmithy is really good at relaying info to upper management, but it definitely feels, at least to me, feels a lot more comfortable putting all my focus on the game and trying my best to perform. 


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