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Summit Wins MVP for 2022 LCS Spring Split

Summit MVP 2022 Spring

Blaber’s Spring MVP split comes to an end, and it was at the hands of his own team mate. On Friday April 22, the LCS announced that Summit would be the 2022 LCS Honda MVP for the Spring split. Summit and Blaber were the final two nominees for the award. In his first split in the LCS, Summit crushed the opposition during the regular season on his way to earning the MVP title.

Summit joined the LCS with a mixed bag of expectations. Some fans of the LCS have never heard of Summit, and weren’t sure just how he would adjust in North America. However, those who watched his play with LIIV SANDBOX knew that he was a mechanically talented player that could easily dispatch the LCS competition. Audiences had to wait till after Lock-In to see their new top laner perform. Travel delays caused the Korean members of C9 to miss the preseason tournament.

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From the moment Summit stepped onto the Rift, teams knew that this player would be a problem. Summit specialized in Gnar and Jayce, and took over games with his favorite champions. In fact Summit would willingly take those champions into sub-optimal match ups because he felt that confident in his ability to win the lane. More often than not, Summit would find himself solo-killing his lane opponent. Though he did struggle in some games when he was forced into less familiar characters, his presence was still felt despite being down in levels and gold.

Despite struggling in the LCS playoffs, Summit made an impact in every game through the Spring season. Summit also becomes the first non-jungler to win the award in the past three splits.

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