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League of Legends: Cloud9 Week 3 Preview


Week 3 Schedule

Cloud9 are looking to have a much stronger showing this week but have a tough schedule against an undefeated Optic Gaming team & their long-time rivals Team Solo Mid. How will Cloud9 perform this week? Will they have a better week or will a slump begin to form?

saturday: cloud9 vs optic gaming

The first opponent up for Cloud9 in Week 3 are undefeated Optic Gaming. Optic head into this week with a 4-0 record, the best ever start for their franchise. Fans of the LCS do wonder if the 4-0 record doesn’t mean much considering they’ve went up against weaker teams (CG & 100T)? Optic’s next 3 opponents are the top of the LCS chain in Cloud9, Team Liquid & TSM. This gives Optic a chance to prove themselves to the LCS community that their 4-0 start is something to take seriously.

Cloud9 will be heading into this game with the task of stopping that 4-0 record. Looking at the way they played last week, Cloud9 need to clean up their basic assignments. They also need to able to draft a composition that doesn’t get poked out very easily and have a better balance of ranged & melee.

matchup to watch: svenskeren vs meteos

The match-up to watch in this game are the two junglers of Cloud9 & Optic: Dennis “Svenskeren” Johnsen & William “Meteos” Hartman.

Image result for Svenskeren 2019
Cloud9 Svenskeren (image courtesy of Fiveprime)

Both junglers have been essential tools for their teams success in the LCS and both are having a good start to the season so far. Meteos is the type of jungler that will play around his team and give them the tools needed to secure a win for the Optic squad. While Svenskeren is the type of jungler to sacrifice himself if it means that Cloud9 will gain something from his death like an essential objective.

sunday: cloud9 vs tsm

On Sunday, Cloud9 will face off against their longtime rivals in Team Solo Mid. Coming into this match, Cloud9 want to redeem themselves after an embarrassing choke out of the Spring Semifinals.

TSM are 2-2 in the standings right now which is good for 4th place. For as good as TSM can be, it can also be looked at as a case of inconsistency due to the jungle position. The team has a lot of talent on their roster and the fact they are 2-2 means either the drafts are a hit or miss or the play on Summoners Rift is inconsistent as well. TSM will be looking to shoring that up and more of a strong consistent team and that trial will be preferable to start against Cloud9

Regardless if either Grig or Akaadian start in the jungle for TSM, Cloud9 need to recognize the talent TSM has and make sure that once they have a lead for themselves, they don’t give an opportunity towards TSM to come back into the game.

matchup to watch: nisqy vs bjergsen

The match-up to watch here is the two midlaners for Nisqy and Bjergsen.

Bjergsen doesn’t need an intro for this one, he’s one of the best mids the LCS has ever seen. He’s been the only consistent piece of every TSM roster since he joined the team and he’s looking to pilot TSM to another LCS title. He will be looking dispatch Nisqy with his experience and ability to make plays.

On the other side, Nisqy has done well since joining Cloud9. While it may not be as dominant, Nisqy is looking to make a name for himself. The gameplan for Nisqy is to establish an early lead while also having a willingness to help his team take advantages in their lanes if mid-lane doesn’t present him with such.

prediction: 2-0

It might be the case of bias here but this week is essential for Cloud9 to take over with a 2-0, although it is very possible that it can slip out of their hands. Cloud9 are very capable of beating both teams, but if the same Cloud9 from last week shows up in this week then it’s a tough call.

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