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LCS Summer 2021 Record by Caster: Cloud9

Cloud9 Caster Record Summer

The 2021 Summer Split has ended and the playoffs near. Teams have fought all season for their chance to not only win an LCS Championship, but also make it to Worlds. Because of this, they will be looking for every bit of information they can gather in order to get a leg up on the competition. This piece will analyze the most important information a team could need, the team’s record by who cast their game. Here is a look at the Cloud9 caster record for the Summer 2021 LCS Split.

*Note: This does not include Playoffs this time around.

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When gathering this information, it was important to start with each match and who did the casting. The table below shows each game and who the casting duo was for each particular game. For convenience, CaptainFlowers was shorted to CF and Razelplasm to Raz as it fits better on the spreadsheet.

Match Duo
GG Azael, Phreak & Kobe
100T Azael & Phreak
TL Kobe & CF
FLY CF & Raz
CLG Kobe & Pastry
DIG Crumbz & Pastry
EG Kobe & Pastry
IMT Azael & Phreak
TSM Azael & Phreak
GG Azael & Pastry
100T Kobe & Phreak
CLG Kobe & Phreak
IMT Raz & CF
TL Azael, Kobe & Phreak
TSM Azael, Kobe & CF
FLY Azael & Pastry
DIG Crumbz & Pastry
EG Phreak & Kobe
IMT CF & Kobe
CLG Kobe & Phreak
GG Kobe & Pastry
100T Kobe & Phreak
FLY Azael & Phreak
TSM Azael & Phreak
EG Azael & Phreak
DIG MarkZ & Phreak
TL Azael & CF

Cloud9 got very familiar with Kobe and Phreak this split. Both Phreak and Kobe were breaking down Cloud9 in thirteen matches this split. Azael came in a close third, having cast twelve matches throughout the summer.

Casting Duo/Trio

Next up was checking the win and loss record as well as the winning percentage for Cloud9 when each duo/trio cast a game. Listed below are the results and some thoughts about these results.

Duo/Trio Wins Losses Percentage
Azael & Phreak 1 5 17%
Kobe & CF 1 1 50%
Kobe & Phreak 3 2 75%
CF & Raz 2 0 100%
Azael & CF 1 0 100%
Kobe & Pastry 2 1 67%
Crumbz & Pastry 2 0 100%
Azael, Phreak & Kobe 1 1 50%
Azael & Pastry 1 1 50%
Azael, Kobe & CF 0 1 0%
Markz & Phreak 1 0 100%

When it comes to upcoming important matches, Cloud9 really hope they dodge the feared Azael-Phreak combo. In fact a common theme among several of Cloud9 losses feature the only World Champion on the desk. This comes as a complete opposite of their record in spring, where C9 went 5-1 with Azael and Phreak casting their match.

Individual Casters

Lastly, it was on to the individual casters and their performances while casting C9. As with the last two, listed below are the win, losses and winning percentages for each individual caster.

Caster Wins Losses Percentage
CaptainFlowers 4 2 67%
Kobe 7 6 54%
Phreak 6 7 46%
Azael 4 8 33%
Pastrytime 5 2 70%
Crumbz 2 0 100%
Razelplasm 2 0 100%
MarkZ 1 0 100%

It looks like Cloud9 like to make a good impression on new casters. Cloud9 are perfect when they played in front of a caster for the first or second time this summer. For their money, it looks like C9 really want to see Pastrytime on the mic going forward.

Overall Thoughts

After finishing 15-12 in the summer, it’s not too surprising to see a couple casters with sub 50% win percentages. Cloud9 has been a bit of a coin-flip team this split, and there’s no better evidence of that than seeing Kobe and Phreak combine for an even 50% win rate. It’s a silly little statistic, but it’s fun to see if Cloud9 has a chance before the team even loads onto the rift.

As C9 continues their journey through the playoffs, they can only hope to see some favorable faces on the caster’s desk when they face off against Golden Guardians in the lower bracket.

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