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LCS Spring 2021 Record By Caster: Cloud9

Cloud9 Caster Record

As the 2021 LCS Summer Split nears, it is time to look back at the Spring and see what information could be gained. This is an important practice as teams and fans need to find out where their advantages lie. Clearly, there is one piece of information that is rarely if ever discussed. It is one that is quite important and could signal how a team might do on gameday. This is the start of a series that will look into what the win and loss record of each team was based on who cast their game. Here is a look at the Cloud9 Caster Record for the Spring 2021 LCS Split.

*Note: This includes the Lock In and Spring Playoffs.

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When gathering this information, it was important to start with each match and who did the casting. The table below shows each game and who the casting duo was for each particular game. For convenience, CaptainFlowers was shorted to CF as it fit better in the spreadsheet.

EGCF & Kobe
FLYPhreak & Azael
IMTCF & Azael
DIGPhreak & Kobe
TSM (2-1)CF & Kobe
100T (3-2)Phreak & Kobe
TL (2-3)CF & Azael
GGCF & Crumbz
TSMPhreak & Kobe
IMTCF & Azael
EGCF & Azael
100TPastry & Azael
FLYCF & Kobe
CLGPastry & Kobe
DIGPastry & Kobe
TLPhreak & Kobe
GGPastry & Azael
EGPhreak & Kobe
100TCF & Azael
FLYCF & Kobe
TLCF & Azael
TSMPhreak & Azael
CLGCF & Azael
DIGPhreak & Azael
IMTPastry & Azael
100T (3-0)Phreak & Azael
TL (3-1)Phreak & Kobe
TL (3-2)CF & Azael

This list, as one can see, did take into account each game that was cast in a series, not just the series win or loss itself. Not surprisingly, this would play a pretty important role in helping the scores of each caster. While it cannot be seen on here, each match and series was color-coded green for a win and red for a loss.

Casting Duo

Next up was checking the win and loss record as well as the winning percentage for Cloud9 when each duo cast a game. Listed below are the results and some thoughts about these results.

CF & Kobe4267%
Phreak & Azael5183%
Pastry & Kobe20100%
Pastry & Azael30100%
Phreak & Kobe9469%
CF & Azael8850%
Pastry & Crumbz000%
CF & Crumbz10100%

Considering Cloud9 won the majority of their games, many of these were not a huge surprise. The biggest surprise was that CaptainFlowers and Azael cast most of the C9 losses. Also the fact that C9 never had a game cast by Pastry and Crumbz even though when either of them cast a C9 game, C9 won. What could have been if they had cast together? Maybe a Worlds 2021 duo for the NA team?

For those who may be wondering, in terms of playoff series here are the results for each duo.

CF & Kobe10100%
CF& Azael1150%
Phreak & Kobe20100%
Phreak & Azael10100%

Again considering C9 won basically every series they were in, this was not a major surprise but interesting nonetheless.

Individual Casters

Lastly, it was on to the individual casters and their performances while casting Cloud9. As with the last two, listed below are the win, losses and winning percentages for each individual caster.


Unlike many other teams, CaptainFlowers did not cast the most games for C9, instead, it was Azael. For Azael, he did cast the second-most losses for C9 yet, he also cast the most wins. It was Kobe and Phreak who stepped up with 15 and 14 wins cast respectively. Then as explained above, Pastrytime and Crumbz both had 100% winning percentages when casting C9 games. It is clear that if C9 need to win a game, fans should hope that Pastry or Phreak are casting the game.

Overall Thoughts

Obviously, this is something that is more done for fun and for those who may be superstitious. That said, it is certainly something that may be in the back of Cloud9 fans minds as the 2021 Summer Split begins.

It will be interesting to see whether these do carry over for this upcoming Split as it is just about to begin. Also, there will be more of these published over the next few weeks looking back on the Spring Split records for casters. Will some of these start to be trends for all teams? Probably not, but it will be fun to find out. Make sure to look back as The Game Haus releases more of these and previews every team leading up to the LCS 2021 Summer Split.

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